Dexter has written a post for the Netmums Blog today, all about how I spend too much time on the computer.  Bless him.  (No pocket money for him this week.)


I had to paraphrase what he had dictated to me because quite frankly, I’d still be there writing it now if he had his way.


That boy can talk.  Seriously.  I’ve never known anything like it.  Once you start him off on a subject he’s interested in, he will literally talk for hours.  Probably no different to most children but he’s a real character is Dexter.


So I asked him the question:  “Would you like a blog of your own?”


He replied, “Yes Mum, I think I’d like that,” then went back to watching Power Rangers and we both monged out for the next half an hour.


If his blog post today for Netmums is anything to go by, I kinda wish I hadn’t asked him if he’d like his own blog because I really don’t think I’m going to come out looking great.  You know what kids are like for exaggeration .. because actually, I’m really a pretty good mum who doesn’t spend all her life on her laptop.  Honest.  HONEST!


So what next?  Should children blog?  Do I allow him that personal writing space that I have enjoyed having so much?  Obviously, I will oversee the whole project should we go ahead but I have given it more thought and I actually think it will be good for him.  I think it will show him that writing doesn’t have to be difficult.  That you can write for pleasure.  That actually, he might come to enjoy it!


I don’t know if most boys are like Dexter, but he’s not a fan of doing English homework, (unless he can do it all on the Mac,) but the thing is, he’s actually very talented – and I’m not just saying that because he’s my son, (although it goes without saying it’s partly genetic.)  But his grasp of vocabulary is so astonishing that not only is he on the Gifted and Talented Register for all subjects, but he comes out with words even I don’t even use.  And not all of them are swear words.


Kidding.  Mostly.



Maybe a blog would be an ideal way for him to get him more excited about literacy?  Maybe, when it’s time to do his homework on Sunday afternoon, he won’t moan about doing it until bedtime?  (I can but dream.)


Maybe, having his own blog will lead to bigger things?  Who knows.  But I think I may just allow him to experiment and he will soon let me know if it works or not.


Until then, I might even risk him guest posting on my blog.


The rules are quite simple – he can only write about what a great mum I am.





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  1. I know D and I think he would have a bloody fab time writing a blog, he’s so full of ideas and info! H has her own blog, she sent the address to family and a few friends and I read each post before she publishes it, she loves it & it really helps push her creatively.

    I say go for it!


    1. Oooh I didn’t know H had one! What does she write about? I do think it’s a great idea, although I have a funny feeling he’ll just write about Transformers. But it all counts, right?! x

  2. I am no expert on the younger generation (indeed, where possible I tend to keep as far away from ’em as I reasonably can) but it does sound like a good idea for someone as described here.

    There will be ‘ground rules’ to lay down, for example how much or little of who and where you are. There’s some good material in all directions (encouragement, suggestions, safeguards etc) out on the ‘Net; and I have just tested this by entering “blogging for children” into a good search engine.

    In your case, this idea sounds promising (but hopefully without too many constraints on subject matter, in practice!) and I hope it goes well.
    John M Ward recently posted..The Wayfield GateMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a perfect compromise! I firmly believe that kids writing down their thoughts and feelings can only be a good thing (as long as they leave out the bits about their crap parents!) My daughter writes notes to herself and has a little book where she writes down her worries – I also find it therapeutic so have encouraged it. With the right guidance and supervision, I think it could be good.
    Suzanne recently posted..Oldies but Goodies – Week 1My Profile

  4. Hi,

    My son, Danny aged 9, keeps asking me can he start his own blog. I suppose it’s only natural when they see us blogging ourselves.

    I agree, I think it will be great for the Literacy aspect of it, and a wonderful way of observing how his style of writing will mature over the years.

    I just feel that it may become another job for me that I don’t have time for! I will feel that I have to check it before he publishes as knowing Danny he would get the FBI on alert or something!

    If Stig starts, I’ll ask Danny to read it!


    Claire recently posted..Evans-Crittens at Folly Farm #NaBloPoMo Day 6My Profile

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