My friend posted on her Google Plus page today that she’d received a pair of gorgeous new boots.  I virtual high fived her, as you do, and she said she’d dropped massive hints about wanting a new pair and BOOM! … next day, a pair of shiny leather boots was delivered to her door.


I liked her style.


I only have my kids to drop hints to, and there’s not really that much my son can buy for £1 a week pocket money as it is, so I figured there was little point trying out the whole ‘hint’ thing.


So just how did my friend do it?


She just happened to mention that she needed new boots on her blog and a very kind PR took pity on this poor boot-less woman, walking around in bare feet all day, and sent her a pair.


Impressive, no?


I racked my brain and thought, “What do I really, really want?”  (zigga-zig-aaah)  Boots are always nice, obvz, but what could I pitch for on my blog (subtle being my middle name of course,) that would give me lots of pleasure, make me smile and not involve a great deal of hard work?


(I considered pitching to Ann Summers but wasn’t sure they sold mains powered appliances.)


Instead, I’ve decided to … pitch for … someone to date.


Yup.  A bit like Dial-A-Date, except on t’interwebs.


I haven’t thought it all through, but my favourite Daily Deal site, Living Social, have very generously offered to donate to ‘The Cause’ and have offered me dinner for two!


So what next?


I figured, if my friend can get a free pair of boots just by mentioning BOOTS on her blog, surely I can get a date by mentioning HOT SEXY MEN on mine.




So now I’m just going to sit back and see what the postman delivers in the morning.


Best.  Experiment.  Ever.



PS.  I don’t hold out much hope if I’m honest – my postman normally only brings me bills, kebab menus and  a distinct air of self loathing.


All other suggestions welcome.




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