I’ve been asked to review the Nokia Lumia 610, but once you go Mac, you never go back right?  (Besides, I couldn’t get anything to rhyme with Apple.)  But I wanted to see if I could be swayed.

I’m a huge Apple fan.  I often wake in the morning to find my iPhone under my pillow and my Macbook cuddled up next to me.  I realise this says more about my lovelife than anything else, but suffice to say I’m a convert.


However, I was recently asked to review a Nokia Lumia 610.  Oooh, a Nokia?  How positively old school.


The Nokia Lumia 610 is quoted as being ‘an important chess piece in Nokia’s comeback strategy.’  To be honest, I’ve been so engrossed in everything Apple I haven’t paid much attention to any other brand so, as a previous Nokia user from way back, I found it interesting that it was even deemed to have fallen off the mobile phone market radar at all.  I have always though of Nokia as a solid brand.


The 610 is a Windows Phone and it seems to be tasked with taking on the price conscious Android market.  In the face of the launch of the new iPhone 5, it’s not going to be particularly easy.


Now I’m not very technically gifted.  Blessed in oh so many other areas, obviously, but I don’t profess to know the intrinsic technical details of how this phone (or any other phone for that matter,) works.  So my views really are just based on how pretty it looks, how well it works for me and how it compares to what I already use.


Ease of Use:


From my limited knowledge, I don’t think the Nokia 610 is particularly ‘out there’ as far as smartphone development is concerned, but when I tested the phone out it certainly did what it said on the tin – without a hitch.  Just like when choosing a man, reliability is KEY!


I mainly use my phone for texting and social media.  I don’t really use many Apps but being powered by Microsoft, I found everything I did use worked well.  Facebook, Xbox Live, Microsoft Office, Nokia Maps and Drive (sat nav) are even pre-installed – a real bonus.


The menu is intuitive but, as an iPhone user, it does mean a different way of working again – which always feels a little weird.




It’s quite heavy for its compact size, surprising when it’s built with all plastic materials.  But, that does mean it feels durable enough to be used daily without a protective case – great if you’re a clumsy like me.  It retains an element of style with a silver frame running along the sides of Lumia 610, separating (I Googled this bit!) the 3.7 inch LCD touchscreen, earpiece and three capacitive buttons from the rest of the phone.


The usual set of hardware buttons  reside on the right side of the handset and the rubber-like plastic back cover provides a safe grip around the handset – can get covered in fingerprints though.


The spec of the touchscreen is adequate for a medium sized phone, with the screen being very responsive and text appears crisp and readable.


For the period of time I used the Nokia 610, it held a decent battery life – just over a day on a single charge.


I’m used to using a 32gb phone, and the Nokia Lumia 610 runs on 8 GB of internal memory – and unfortunately, there’s no memory card slot to extend the built-in memory, which is a bit of a pain.
The selection of apps isn’t perfect, but it has improved lately – favourites like WhatsApp, Spotify, Evernote or Amazon Kindle are readily available for download on Nokia Lumia 610.


The camera on the Lumia 610 is not particularly great, but again, I’m used to a higher spec phone so I’m probably being fussy.  Just make sure your lighting is good.


Value for Money:


I can’t afford to fork out for a new iPhone 5 and with so many alternatives on the market, I really don’t think you have to.  The Nokia 610 is available on Three.co.uk with a contract starting at £15 / month with no upfront handset costs.  Pretty cost effective and you get a good quality handset for that price.


Obviously, like with all phones, if you pay more, you’ll get a higher spec phone. You can pick a handset up for approximately £130 Pay as you Go.




The Nokia Lumia 610 is a great phone if you want to venture into the world of smartphones.  It’s well built, sturdy, good value for money and is easy to use.  I guess it really depends on what your budget is.  I’m sure there’s room for everyone in the mobile phone market!

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  1. Oooooooooh shiny.

    This actually looks good. I too am an iPhone freak but Nokia to me is a comfortable brand, like an ex you go back to every now and then to see of they have got over their issues.

    Seems as if they have

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