Well last night was a bit of a revelation.


Let me set the scene.  Dexter had been watching TV in my bedroom whilst I worked hard downstairs … watching my new TV obsession, Sing Date, (more of that later.)   We normally have dinner together, then go our separate ways for a while to watch our respective shite TV, and then meet up again before bath and bed.


So he came down the stairs, sat on the sofa opposite and said:


“I think you’re ready for a boyfriend Mum.  Have you ever thought about trying out online dating?”


Just what the hell had he been watching upstairs??  Coincidentally, I had also just posted the above picture on my Facebook page so suffice to say, I wasn’t really thinking about the whole ‘boyfriend’ thing.


“Erm, OK?  What makes you say that?” I asked him.


“It’s just been a while now Mum hasn’t it.”


And that really was the extent of his explanation about why he thought I was ‘ready’ for a boyfriend.  Think I’m still processing that thought process of his – not quite sure how he got to that decision.  Or whether I agree or not yet.


I was, however, slightly perturbed that he even knew what online dating was.


“Dexter.  How do you know about online dating?  Did you see an advert on the TV?” I asked.


He giggled.  “No Mum.  Johnny Test went online dating.  He turned up and met a really, really fat woman.  I think he was a bit disappointed cos that’s not who he was meant to meet.”


Erm, WHAT?


I sat there, trying to assimilate what weirded me out the most:


a)      Dexter knows what online dating is.

b)      He thinks I should try it.

c)       Children’s programmes are actually using it as a storyline.

d)      Ha ha, let’s all laugh at the fat woman who’s left there sitting on her own.


Sometimes, I think it’s best if I just don’t think too much about things.  I’m going to file this conversation in the ‘weird shit kids say’ pile and hope that he decides to leave my love life (or lack of it,) to me to royally balls up.





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