I’m a pretty easy going woman.




The only time I really get het up is when the dog next door barks like a mentalist, ie. ALL the time. Oh, and when I’m too hot. Or too cold. Erm, and when I’m stressed. Or sexually frustrated. So quite a bit really.


Aaaaaaaanyway …. I like to think that I’m actually quite calm when I’m behind the wheel. I got my tunes blaring (in my ultra modern tapedeck,) me and Destiny’s Child are putting the world to rights, (“Can you pay my bills?!” Apparently not.) I’m just minding my own business, pootling along to work (totes at the recommended speed limit,) when some bloke feels he has the right to act like a douchebag IN MY VICINITY.


Now, before you guys are up in arms about how women are shit drivers too … yeah, you might have a point. I’m not being sexist … BUT … I’m just saying that 99% of my experiences on the road of aggressive driving are all caused by men.


Take today’s example. Picture the scene. I have to cross a small roundabout on my way to work and just as you get to the other side of the roundabout, there’s a garage immediately on the right and shops on the left. So, I drive round the mini roundabout and a car pulls out of the garage on the right, immediately in front of me.



Now, I’m not driving fast, I’ve just driven round a roundabout, but a car has just pulled out in front of me. So what does the driver do? Raise a hand in mirror and mouth sorry? Put his hazards on as his way of saying, “My bad. I’m a twat.” No. None of the above. What he does do, however, is give me the finger out of his car window.


Yeah. That’s right. He pulled out in front of me, but felt the need to give ME the finger because I’m right up his arse … erm, because HE PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME!


He then whacked his brakes on, for a laugh n that, just to really prove how much of a dick he was.




This isn’t the first (nor will it be the last) time that I’ve come across this aggressive attitude on the road. I don’t live in London. I live in a fairly normal small town, in the Garden of England. I don’t live in Beirut/Compton. So why the need for all this aggression?


I’m partial to the occasional ladylike toot on the horn, sure … if someone hacks me off, and I may even utter the occasional mild profanity (sorry, just lol’ing at this bit as I know what I’m really like,) but if I’m in the wrong, I’m the first to admit it.  Raise a hand in apology.   Doesn’t take much just to acknowledge you’ve driven like a twat.


But no.  It seems that our roads are full of people with chips on their shoulders and rage in their hearts.


Sign of the times I guess.  A Stressed generation.


But be warned local drivers … the next time you give me the finger for something YOU’VE done wrong, don’t be surprised if I ram it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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