I had a Twitter mass debate recently … about wallpaper.  I made the absolutely SHOCKING admission that I’d never, ever used wallpaper before and that perhaps it was about time I popped my wallpapering cherry.


Twitter opinion, as it often is, was divided.  From the wallpapering camp who are real advocates of all things … wallpapery … to those who felt your walls would never be the same again.


Not the first time I’ve heard that.


I do have home insurance, (I always find ComparetheMarket are good if you want to shop around,) and I know that if I completely cock the whole thing up, hopefully I’ll be covered … and so I’m just wondering, is it really worth the risk?


The other deciding factor, of course, is that I’m totally, and utterly skint.  Wallpapering my house shouldn’t perhaps be the first thing on my mind at the moment, considering the state of my personal life right now but on the other hand, WALLPAPER IS SO PRETTY!  I think that’s reason enough to brighten up the house, don’t you?


I’ve lived in my house for over twenty years – it’s the only house I’ve ever owned, and now I’m on my own, I think it’s about time I put my own personal stamp on the place.  I’m fed up of beige walls just because ‘it goes with everything.’  I love bright colours!  I want my house to be filled with life again.  Does that make sense?  No-one’s died.  But Dexter and I are going through a rough time and I suppose I want, no … need to make drastic changes.  A bit like having a post relationship break-up haircut.  But for the house.


Maybe wallpaper is outdated now and I’ve just missed the trend boat – not the first time.  And maybe there’s something else even more exciting that would suit my house perfectly, but I’m going to spend a few hard earned quid on buying Wallpaper* magazine and intend to get my research on this weekend.  It HAS to be all about wallpaper, right?  (Erm .. not so much but it’ll look cooler in my shopping trolley than Heat.)


Either way, the question is … can tarting the house up really be done on the cheap?




Spot the backlink!  OK, I was paid to write this post … however … I was going to write it anyway.  Girl’s got bills to pay.

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  1. Two things: 1. Do not buy Wallpaper* to research anything to do with wallpaper! It’s a lifestyle publication so while there are often lovely interior spreads featured, the wallpaper (if any) is a minor note – you’d be more likely to read about lovely holiday resorts, mid century architecture and artisanal craftspeople in there. 2. I can post you a copy if you’re gagging for a read? (If you do want to actually find wallpaper inspiration I recommend Livingetc btw)

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