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Lifestyle blogger at WitWitWoo, and mother of two, Kate Sutton, is visiting Camp Bestival for the second year running and has written a series of posts about the events that she’s most looking forward to.  Here, she talks about opera, the theatre and all things Dingly Dell.

Last year, I didn’t really have a chance to explore much more than Ed Sheeran (not literally,) Katy B or the jousting, but this year, I have really got my research on and am determined to go a little more highbrow. Well, that’s the plan – quite how I’ll feel after a six pack of Stella is anyone’s guess.

Dingly Dell (brilliant name,) is an area of the festival grounds that’s hidden deep in the woods. It was home to the secret Ed Sheeran gig that I managed to blag my way into last year and is such a cool place. This year, it’s home to Fantastic Mr Fox – the opera!

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