Look at this photo carefully.  What can you see?  A ‘natural’ gold tan?  My late mum’s wedding ring that will only fit on my little finger because she had skinny hands?  Chipped nail varnish because I’ve been too busy to take it off?

All of the above.  But if you look really carefully … you’ll see that right in the middle of my hand is … let me sit down for a minute … is …..


Holy mother of premature ageing Batman!  When the hell did that happen?!!

I could pretend it’s just a big freckle … or a bit of chocolate that has miraculously missed my mouth, (unlikely.)   But nope … it’s definitely an age spot.

Since when did I officially get ‘old?’  Aren’t I still 19?  *checks mirror – definitely not still 19*

As my life twists and turns, my attitude remains positive and I like to think I have a young outlook on life, but what the muh-fug is happening to my body?!  Today, an age spot … tomorrow, male pattern baldness?  Stress incontinence?  A beard??


(And for all you smartarses out there, one whisker does NOT constitute a beard, K??)

My forty second birthday is looming and each little niggle and minor pain in my body I now presume to be arthritis (or worse – and you know what I’m talking about.)   I don’t smoke, only partake in the occasional tipple … what?  It’s true!  My diet could be better,but if white chocolate is my only vice then I reckon I’m doing alright.  (Although it is as addictive as crack one would imagine.  Not that I’ve ever tried that.  Although I did once have a cigarette on the top deck of a bus when I was 14.  But I don’t think that’s the same really.)


I’m hoping that positivity will win the day and keep the age spots at bay.  (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it …. although I did h’actually have poetry published once y’know.)


Does anyone else suffer from this hideous disfigurement???

Just me?  Righto …. *walks away whistling ….*

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  1. hahaha if you are stressing over one “large freckle” on your hand wait until ten years time when the joints start seizing up, bits start falling off/out, anything within 15 inches from your face is totally out of focus, and you become nostalgic for the “good old days” (in my case it’s the ’80’s for you pro rata), anything that requires more than pressing an “on” switch needs the technical support of my 6 year old nephew…. Yes enjoy the next ten years, it’s all down hill from here on…lol
    By the way you can legitimately call it a freckle as it is just a minor concentration of skin pigment, they are called age spots because as we get older we develop more of them.
    Oh and are you sure “White Chocolate” is your only food sin???? I seem to recall a penchant for chocolate cake too…lol

  2. This is the first post I’ve read that has been looking closely at my hands! I’m 40 next year *shudder* and I can feel those aches and pains kicking in plus the occasional backache. I’m now slightly concerned about Malcolm’s mention of things falling off/out. Someone said life starts at 40. I’m worried now that they are lying.
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