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Lifestyle Blogger at WitWitWoo, Kate Sutton, is excited to introduce Rob da Bank’s Music Club, which is coming to Camp Bestival for the first time.

Looking out of the window, I can’t quite believe that July is upon us already, but judging by the rain, Summer is well and truly here … *melodramatic sigh.*


Last month, I mentioned that I would be writing a series of blog posts about my most favourite festival in the whole entire world … CAMP BESTIVAL.  Granted, it’s the only festival I’ve ever been to, but last year’s event was so brilliant I literally CANNOT wait to go back this year.

There are apparently quite a lot of bloggers also attending this year and we’re all hoping to hook up (in the totally platonic sense of the word,) but considering there’s no phone signal at all at Lulworth Castle, that could prove to be rather interesting.  We obviously need to wear fancy dress.  Any excuse.

The first thing I did when finding out I was going, was to look at the line-up of things for kids to do because we all know that if the kids are happy, Mum’s happy.  (Or is it the other way round?)  Kids are so well catered for at Camp Bestival, no matter what age they are, it just creates a really laid back, fun environment for the whole family.

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