Hands up who wants to take me to the theatre? Anyone? I’m really not that fussy tbh. You’ll do. You at the back. The one with his hands in his pockets rummaging around for loose change. Or whatever.


I was thinking. I mentioned the other day about how I don’t mind going to the pub on my own on the (very) rare occasions I have free time, but I don’t know if I could go to the theatre on my own. Isn’t that like, a bit weird?


The last time I went to the theatre (my guilty pleasure of watching Wicked for the seventh time aside,) was to see a couple of Royal Shakespeare Company productions in London whilst I was at university. My friend and I bunked off for the afternoon and, under the guise of spending the afternoon in London to ‘study,’ we watched A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado about Nothing.

(I’d also like to totally plug the fact that I once wrote a radio play about Shakespeare and Chaucer and you can read about that here!)


It was the first time I had watched anything more highbrow than the Chippendales and I was worried that, even though I had spent a whole year studying Shakespeare, I would be … a bit bored.


So I went prepared. Obligatory box of Fruit Pastilles, tube of Pringles and hipflask full of vodka in my handbag and I was ready.


And you know what? It was great! I’d never seen an RSC production before and I hadn’t actually realised that they put a contemporary twist on the original plays and make them really entertaining. You don’t have to be a Shakespeare nerd like me to enjoy them.


If you fancy just taking the afternoon off and going to see a play, you can buy London theatre tickets from Ticket.com. It’s an easy to navigate website that also sells tickets to comedy shows and, if you fancy ditching the kids for a weekend, they also sell tickets to festivals.


Now there’s a thought!


Ticket.com also sell concert tickets so again, happy to go with anyone to watch … hang on ….. holy sweet soul singing sensation Batman! … JILL SCOTT IS PLAYING AT SOMERSET HOUSE NEXT WEEK!


I am on it like a car bonnet.



* There are a couple of links within the text of this post. But … JILL SCOTT IS PLAYING NEXT WEEK! DID I MENTION THAT?!

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