I was interviewed by the PR, Marketing, Media Relations and Software services website, Cision UK, last week and my interview has just been published.  Topics discussed include my thoughts on PRs, details of my new appointment as Deputy Editor of Tots100, how I use social media and how WitWitWoo began and how I see it growing in the future.

Great article if I say so myself!


Kate Sutton began her lifestyle blog, WitWitWoo, after graduating from university in 2010. Upon discovering Twitter, Kate was able to network with like-minded people, submit work to other publications and build a solid readership and Twitter following. Last year Kate began to work with Tesco’s online magazine and she also recently won a blogging competition for easyJet.

Kate recently joined the Tots100 team as deputy editor. Her previous experience working with the site’s editor Laura Hitchcock and knowledge of founder Sally Whittle meant Kate felt she was a good fit for the role.

Cision: What are the key differences between writing the WitWitWoo blog and working for the Tots100 website?

Kate: WitWitWoo is a pretty eclectic mix of blog posts. I write about what I want, when I want – there are no rules. If I don’t want to blog, I don’t, but I try to ensure that there is regular content. I write about my youngest child Dexter, life as a newly single parent, mad nights out, my thoughts on positive thinking, body image, age, living on a budget and have the occasional rant.

I’m new to Tots100 in terms of working for them but have always followed them and been a part of their index – so I’m au fait with what type of things they do. Obviously, working directly with brands means that we have to adhere to strict deadlines and we run to a tight schedule of what needs to be done. I’m about to take over the Facebook and Twitter feeds for Tots100 and I like to think I’ll bring my unique voice to both.


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