I like to play a game with my car.  No, not that kinda game … yeah, we all watched the documentary.


Anyway, Blue Lightning and I, (please gloss over the fact my car has a name …) play this game where we get to see how far we can travel before the petrol runs out.  It’s brilliant!  It’s SOOOO exciting.  Yesterday, I managed to get the petrol gauge down to 11km worth of petrol left before I caved in and went to the petrol station.


So much fun!


OK, I don’t actually find this ‘game’ remotely funny.  In fact, it sucks great big, fat, hairy donkey balls.  I hate getting into the car and crossing my fingers that I have enough petrol to get to wherever I need to get to – bearing in mind I always cycle when I can, so we’re talking longer, necessary journeys.


Since when did petrol become so damned expensive?  I remember moaning, (I know, not like me,) about the cost of petrol hitting the £1 per litre point – it’s now £1.34 per litre.  At the risk of sounding like a 68 year old pensioner, life is just too bloody expensive.


So, what’s the answer?  I’d sell my soul to the devil to keep a roof over our heads right now but I hear even he’s on a budget these days.  Become a lady of the night?  There’s not really much I can buy for £2.50.


I’m working as hard as I can right now and it doesn’t really seem to be making any difference.  It’s frustrating when you work hard and there seems to be very little light at the end of the tunnel but … I’m not a quitter.  So I just keep on keeping on and hope that things will get better.


In the meantime, I continue to play the petrol game … and the bread game … and the life game …. and hope that I end up winning.

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