After a rollercoaster of a week, I was really pleased to have Dexter back with me on Saturday afternoon.  However, having to live on a tight budget these days, I wasn’t really in a position to go all out on treating him now he was back.

So, basically, we just chilled and did nothing on Saturday.

Bargain at half the price.

Actually, my BFF came round with her son and we chilled in the garden whilst the boys had stick battles.  We drank tea, ate cake and put the world to rights.  We laughed … a lot … and talked about when we’d feasibly be able to go out again together.  (We decided it would be in about six month’s time!)

Sunday, however, Dexter and I went ALL out.  I’m talking McDonalds for breakfast AND a boot fair!

OK, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but because we’d been apart for the longest time EVER, it was nice just chilling with each other wandering around buying the cheapest tat we possibly could!  Dexter came out of it pretty well with two PS2 games, (bargain at £2 each,) and a jumper for £1.

Top Mum or what!

We then had to buy some glue stuff (not the greatest at DIY, has to be said,) to put back together a very poorly, broken sink .. and Dexter always ends up doing this …


See!  We make our own entertainment!

You know what though?  There is a huge part of me that wishes I could do more for him.  I wish that I could afford to give him everything he wants.   I wish I could buy him the latest toys advertised on the TV.  The latest xBox game.  Actually, I wish I could him an xBox.

But I can’t.

So I have to just do what I can for him, with what I have.

Which isn’t a lot.

We went to a nice park nearby after Homebase and stayed there for the next two hours.  We shared a can of Tango and a portion of chips.  We battled in the woods.  I twisted him around and around on the swing so he went dizzy when he unraveled and he brought home yet another souvenir stick, (to add to the ever growing stick collection in the garden.)

We made lasagne together in the afternoon and ate it in the early evening.  We spent two hours combing through his beautiful afronic hair but played I-Spy and laughed throughout – particularly at Dexter’s obscure suggestions.


Dexter:  “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with AM.”

Me:  “Erm …”

Dexter:  “Give up?”

Me:  “Erm …”

Dexter:  “Anger Management.”


I NEVER win I Spy.

All in all, my weekend kinda rocked.


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  1. you know what, when he looks back I am sure these will be the days he remembers most. I always look back to my poverty stricken days (did they ever end???) days when marmite sandwiches were the norm for lunch and main meals were baked beans + whatever was on offer at Tesco’s, plus the highlight of the week was visiting Tesco’s late Saturday evening for the knock down bargains (this was pre Sunday trading). When I was more financially stable I really didn’t appreciate things as much, however now that I am back in the economic slump struggling with self employment, it is now that I find I really value my time and am much more constructive.
    Don’t put yourself down Kate you sound like you are doing great, material things are just that .. things, soon forgotten…. Hey and don’t forget..every Saturday “It could be you……” well maybe 1:14 million chance of getting the 6 numbers.

  2. The BEST memories are those that are filled with laughter and love. Not “how much my mum spent on me” .
    Gadgets come and go, being loved and having fits of the giggles over the daftest things stay with you forever.

  3. When I was young, I had nothing of sorts, when my boys were younger we didn’t have the money to spend on things like Gameboys and computers. Then as they got older if they wanted it, they had to earn the money to pay for it.
    However, we did things like go puddle splashing, go for long walks with sandwiches and a flask and not worry about mud and rain. Take a ride on a bus and go on the top. Go feed the ducks. Go camping, even put tents up indoors.
    We used to go to cheap shops (no poundland then) and see what we could get for £1 each.
    Lots of craft, lots of baking.
    Now when I talk to the boys about things they remember, they talk about the time they were allowed to paddle in the stream in their wellies and underpants in November, the time that they made biscuits for all the neighbours and delivered them in cellophane. The time that they made a den and we read books for hours. The time I sat on the landing while their Dad was stripping the bathroom and read the Sheep-Pig to all three of them, and when the boys went to sleep their Dad wanted me to carry on reading…
    The best thing that you can give your child is time. You know this. Would you rather your child was tucked up on a sofa with an x box and not talking to you? I wouldn’t.
    It will improve, and you will both look back on this time in different ways, you with regret, him with great fondness. You are doing fine!

    1. Thanks and you’re so right. I just feel guilty a lot of the time! You’ve made some great memories for your children and I hope Dexter and my eldest look back with fondness too. It’s hard to shake the feeling that ‘it’s never enough’ … whether because I’m working, because I’m skint, or for any other reason!

      1. But how much would that time that you spend with him cost, if you had to buy it? Working families, where both parents work to pay the bills and buy the little extras that the children want, would love to be able to do the things you do, to have the time you have, Just suppose you were not able to give that time, but could only give material things – how guilty would you feel then?

  4. Sounds like a top weekend to me…who needs an XBox when you have a mum who is as much fun as you?!

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