Well yesterday was weird.  Talk about a game of two halves.  Early afternoon was spent silently sobbing on a train (you know when you cry but you don’t want anyone to see … which makes you cry even more?  And then you get snotty … and it’s all downhill from there?  Yeah … that.)  And the afternoon was spent drinking champagne and being videoed trying new dresses on.

Anyway, a couple of people mentioned to me that the nature of yesterday’s blog post took them by surprise because they come to my blog for something typically lighthearted, normally at least mildly amusing and, well, yesterday’s post wasn’t really ‘WitWitWoo’ was it.

Hmmm.  I see it like this.  WitWitWoo is billed as a lifestyle blog.  It’s about my life.  Most days, my life is fun, cool, interesting, hard work but rewarding.   My life is also sometimes full of sadness, disappointment and just generally feeling meh/grrr.

It’s the same for everyone but just because I happen to blog about my life doesn’t mean I’m any different.  But maybe I’ve just been too careful about what I choose to share.  I haven’t wanted to depress anyone to be honest!  And then there’s the whole issue of other people’s feelings blah blah blah ….

So I reckon it’s time to be more honest about what makes me tick.  What, or rather who, WitWitWoo really is.  Warts ‘n all.  Not that I have warts.  What?  I haven’t! Look!

So, I think my ratio is pretty good.  Most days are good days.  Yesterday started out rough, but ended up great.  A game of two halves innit.


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  1. Up days, down days, days that make you feel like a yoyo. That is my life
    But at least I don’t have warts.
    Will we see pics from theodelling jobby? I wannnnna see!!

    Mwuahhs xo

  2. Darling, I have been out of sorts lately but recovering well, so I am sorry for the tardy reply here. You’ll get the hang of single motherhood and be brilliant at it and next time you come to Brighton – gimme a shout, yeah? I do healing broken hearts really well and if you fancy some inspiration – do check out that series I ran on my blog from a few of our finest bloggers giving their take about being single mums. (‘Single Mums Stories’). You’ll never look back.

    And – really – treasure this time with Dexter just the two of you, because it will always be special to both of you.

    Sending big fat solidarity hugs XXX
    Anya from Older Single Mum recently posted..Unsophisticated Chaos and Madness.My Profile

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