When it comes to watching children’s films, I’ll be honest, I’m not usually a fan.  It was quickly decided, after I fell asleep in the cinema for the twentieth time, that it should be left to my ex to take Skig – the chances of him not falling asleep were a lot higher.

(Plus it meant I got to go shopping in peace.)

However, I’ve now decided to make more of a concerted effort to stay awake during films, so when we were sent Happy Feet 2 to review, I was determined … absolutely determined, not to fall asleep.

Now admittedly, I did fall asleep the first time, but I persevered (the wonders of Pro Plus,) and here’s what Skig and I thought of the film.

Quick summary – it’s the sequel to Happy Feet, and tap-dancing penguin Mumble and his mates using their smooth moves to save the penguin nation. Mumble and Gloria have started a family of their own, and their young son, Erik, is just finding his footing among his fellow emperor penguins when a dire new threat thrusts their future into jeopardy. Just when it begins to look as if all hope is lost, the penguin nation bands together to dance the darkness away.

As you do.

The animation is as good as we’ve all come to expect from Warner Brothers, the cast of voices is excellent (Brad Pitt, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Matt Damon – even Pink is in it!) but basically it’s just more penguins, more dancing, more characters … and less story than the original.  That’s pretty much it.  It’s a film about dancing penguins and if that’s your thing, you’ll love it.

Skig was patient enough with the film and watched it to the end but I really don’t think he’d watch it again.  But then he is eight years old now which is, like, REALLY old and perhaps he’s just grown out of dancing penguins.

Me?  I really lost the will to live a bit – but then this is why you’ll find me on my laptop in a café instead of the cinema on a Saturday morning!

I’m sure penguins are brilliant, but personally I think I’d rather watch a documentary about them.

This film WILL appeal though – just to a certain audience and, as a woman with little patience, and a boy who’d rather watch Lord of the Rings (again!) we were just not the right market for this film.

Younger kids will love it though.






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