It’s not every day you get called Sexual Dynamite.




Now granted, it was a fabulous girlfriend of mine, Kellie from Big Fashionista that said it, but I like to think she has a good point.  (We’ll come back to my fabulous sense of modesty later.)


We were talking about size – that provocative and emotive subject that seems to wind people up no end, and Kellie was making the point that we should be able to wear what we like, when we like, whatever size we are, even (gasp) in public, without fear of judgement.


I was a little sensitive about this subject after watching the documentary Big Fat Fetish, about fat women and the men who love them.  If any of you were on Twitter that night, you may have seen the tweets being bandied about and to be honest, I found them pretty offensive.


Now let me just say this.  I understand that being grossly overweight is unhealthy.  I’m not stupid.  And I would imagine, even though I’m relatively healthy now, that being my size isn’t particularly good for me.  But then nor is being underweight.  It is what it is. If people are happy being that size, and I mean really happy, not just ‘pretend’ happy, then who are we to say otherwise.


YES people are weird.  And what??  Isn’t it that that makes life brilliant?!  Wouldn’t it be bloody boring if everyone was ‘normal?’


I don’t understand why men like to be ‘feeders’ and fatten up their women. I don’t understand why men like to be ‘flattened’ by extremely fat women.  (Who, incidentally, get paid $600 per hour to do so.)  But then I don’t understand why some women like to be a size zero.  Or why some men find that attractive.  Or why this bloke next to me in the café prefers spreading butter on his scone with a spoon instead of a knife.  Or why the earth is round. I could go on.  (And on.)


So you see, to me, having an open mind, being confident, and appreciating the world with all its irks and quirks, is what makes me SEXUAL DYNAMITE.  It’s not a sexual thing at all.  It’s a ‘how you view the world’ thing.


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  1. You really are Sexual Dynamite. Drop dead gorgeous, witty, a redhead (always love a redhead, it’s dangerous if you don’t) and basically pretty damn fabulous.

  2. You are one gorgeous lady.

    I too watched that programme and yes I tweeted. I was sickened. Not by the size of the women, but by the male domination. By the fact that they were putting their lives at risk to get fatter to make more money. That one allowed herself to be filmed while being force fed like a goose. That another who was bed bound had her son effectively acting as her pimp.

    I do think that some people were busy being offended by tweets without actually watching the show and seeing what they were said about – out of context. That said, there was also some vile tweets about women and weight…and they were not on :0(
    Liz Burton recently posted..Jerky TurkeyMy Profile

    1. Hey! I was referring to the tweets about the size of the women – I should have made that clear. And you’re totally right … some of that programme was just plain ‘wrong’. But it’s their life. I don’t get it personally. I don’t understand why some women allow themselves to be treated like that, although I thought some of the women were quite eloquent in how they explained how they felt slimmer versus bigger. But the other end of the spectrum is a whole other story. Like I said, I don’t understand why – but they’re grown ass people. It’s their life. Ho hum. Thanks for saying i’m gorgeous though! Let’s just focus on that 😉 x

  3. You look totally gorge in that photo btw 🙂
    i saw that programme and i found it a bit sad really. I think people can be what ever size they want to be and if they are happy in their own skin even better! But i did think that some of the women inthat programme did it to please others more than themselves and i dont think that is right for anyones self esteem.
    I am loving the term sexual dynamite – very empowering!!
    Great post xx

    1. Thanks Jenny! It was extreme wasn’t it – the programme that is, not my photo 🙂 It was good to get people to think – I just took offence at the tweets about the fat women, like they’d done something so unbelievably vile. I don’t understand the whole psychology of that group of people – it’s not my thing! But hey … different strokes! x

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