I read a post this week by Emily at My Shitty Twenties about internet dating and it got me thinking.  Having tried online dating ten years ago, as a newly single woman of forty one years old … am I going to have to turn to internet dating again?

Overall, I had a pretty positive experience back then but then perhaps I was more easily pleased aged thirty.  Ten years on, I now know what I want … and I also know what I don’t want.

This could prove tricky … I’m way too old to put up with BS.

So where does that leave me?

Quite frankly, happy as I am for now.  I am in NO way in a rush to get hooked up again and for everyone who has come out of a long term relationship knows, healing takes a long time.  However, it does seem, in my experience at least, that men move on faster than women.  It took me five years to fall in love again the last time I found myself single and who knows how long it’ll take this time.

When the time comes to date again, I’ll know.  I may turn to the internet but there aren’t many free dating sites left anymore and I’ve never had to pay for it before (if you know what I mean – *high five*) so I’m not sure if I would now or not.

When I’m out and about, I am conscious, however, that most people seem to be in couples – quite whether they’re happy or not is another story!  But where on earth are all the single people hiding??

Does anyone know?  Answers on a postcard.


For all of you who are also single and would like to try online dating, DatingAgency.com are offering the chance to win 6 months free membership plus a meal for two!

* There are 2 featured links within this post but it’s a post I was going to write anyway!

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  1. I think you’ll know when the time is right and internet dating is a great way to meet cool people. A lot of my mates met their true love so when you feel like it, have a go!

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