They talk (not sure who ‘they’ is, but they talk …) about life being a rollercoaster and 2012 for me is certainly living up to that moniker – and it’s only May.

My personal life has been emotional to say the least. People that know me well know that I’m not a pity person. I don’t seek sympathy, nor do I warrant it – there are people far worse off than me. But things have just been a bit rubbish lately.

However, as there often is, there’s been a constant silver lining in my world (apart from the kids, natch,) and that’s WitWitWoo. It’s given me focus when I’ve needed it, an outlet to share certain aspects of my life when I’ve felt alone and given me a new found determination to succeed in life.

Which sounds a bit weird considering I only have a vague idea of where ‘it’s’ all going.

I was feeling low yesterday. I was sad about my auntie who suddenly passed last week and stressed out about money.

And then I got an email to say I had become a finalist in BritMums’ Brilliance in Blogging awards.

Erm, wow.

It doesn’t magic away any of the problems I’m having to deal with right now. It doesn’t ‘fix’ anything. But what it does do is give me the much needed boost I was looking for – and it didn’t even involve chocolate.


It also means it’s compulsory that I buy a new dress for the Awards night … it just might have to be from a charity shop again!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Seriously. I’m not going to get all gushy and stuff … I’m not that kinda gal, and I’m in a category of seven other writers who I admire very much – which is rather annoying. But I’ve given them all instructions not to be funny for the next couple of months so I’m hoping that pans out.

Wish me luck – I’ve got a feeling I’m going to need it.

PS – I promise to be funny again in the very near future.

PPS – Four fonts walk into a bar. The barman says: “Oi – get out. We don’t want your type in here.”

PPPS – As I said, I’ll be funny again, any time soon …

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