This time last year I was lucky enough to attend the MAD Blog Awards.  I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t been nominated for anything but I really wanted to go, so I blagged an invite by volunteering to help out.  I didn’t know what our dear Evil Overlord had in mind for me but decided to take my chances.

I had managed to charm my way into Elsie’s bedroom … (she of Babylon Lane Tales infamy – only had to ply her with one gin in a tin – bargain,) and she was kind enough to let me share with her.  She probably regrets it to this day .. but oh well.

I had a great time that night.  I was put in charge of the Talk Talk karaoke booth and managed to persuade most bloggers to sing their drunken little hearts out.

Fast forward twelve months and I found out today that I’ve been nominated for not one category … but eight.  EIGHT!!!!!

Holy mother of Jesus Mary and Joseph and blimey guv’nor.

If I’m truly honest, life is a struggle for me right now.  (Long story.)  And I may sometimes come across like I could rule the world (and I will … one day,) but WitWitWoo has filled a void that I had in my life when my Mum died.  *Dramatic pause*

OK, enough of that.  What I’m trying to cack handedly say is thank you.  Thank you to those few (and I’m sure it was only a few) of you who took the time to type out my name.  Who took the trouble to read my blog and who made the effort to tell someone that WitWitWoo …. is alright.

It means a massive amount … believe me.

So … I’ve been nominated for the following categories:

Most inspiring MAD blog

Most helpful

Best family life

Best family fun

Blog of the year

Best home blog

Post of the year

And just in … Best Travel Blog!

I know, right?!  ME?!  HA!  Who’dda thunk it.

For me to make the shortlist of the Top Four … I would like to ask if you could all nominate me in any/ALL of these categories 🙂

But for now … I leave you with this:

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