Just when you thought my tales of Barcelona were over.

They’re not.

I last told you about the very beautiful W Hotel that we stayed in and bored you senseless no doubt with photo after photo of the view from my bedroom.  Sorry – but you have to admit, it was gorgeous.

Anyway, after we had checked in, and ooh’ed and aah’ed over the view, we were straight back out again for the evening’s entertainment that EasyJet had laid on for us.

A quick word about EasyJet.

I’m well aware, as I’m sure you are, that the treatment we received on this press trip is perhaps not usual for a budget airline.  I know that we were given the 5* treatment, perhaps especially as Carolyn McCall, the Chief Executive of EasyJet, was with us on the trip.  BUT … as the journalist vs. blogger debate continues, I would say that we weren’t treated any differently to the high profile journalists that were with us on the trip.  Yes, as bloggers, we were only on the trip because we’d entered and won a competition …. but at least EasyJet recognised that bloggers  are an important and integral part of the their marketing strategy.  And you never know, one day, we may even be invited alongside journalists as a force to be reckoned with in our own right.

You have to give them props for that.

We were picked up in minibuses and taken into the City centre.  We knew we were going on a bike ride which didn’t sit well with everyone, but I for one was overly excited.  I’m a bit sad like that.

We disembarked, and made our way towards a small square near to a very beautiful church that I have completely forgotten the name of … where we were treated to this!

Not every day you see human towers!

Next, we went to the bike shop where we picked up our … orange bikes!  Nice branding EasyJet!

We cycled for over an hour through the streets of Barcelona, led by a very knowledgeable guide who pointed out lots of interesting sights.

We were all really looking forward to dinner but thankfully, we managed to fit in a tapas pit-stop on the way.  And what a pit-stop.  Situated in the Gothic Quarter, the food was amazing, the beer free-flowing and even though we were only there for thirty minutes, I think we managed to replenish all the calories we’d cycled off – and then some.

Back on the bikes and after one of our group had narrowly missed being attacked by a drunken bag lady (thankfully the bike shop owner was with us and dealt with the situation,) we continued to explore the city on our orange bikes.

We went to the Marina, saw churches and the Town Hall, learnt about Gaudi and did our best not to get run over.  It was brilliant.

Finally, we’d somehow found our way back to the bike shop where we were sad to say goodbye to our bikes.  (The non-bike riders had been taken on a guided walk and met us at the restaurant.)


Next stop – Attica.  I’m not sure if it was purely coincidence, but that familiar not-so-subtle EasyJet orange glow met us as we walked up the stairs to what was a very stylish restaurant.  We were led out onto the rooftop terrace and treated to a few glasses of champagne and a wonderful view of the  city.

I stood with my fellow bloggers and we had to pinch ourselves.  My Monday nights normally consist of housework, America’s Next Top Model and a bag of Kettle Chips.  This was totally out of the ordinary for all of us and we loved it.  I Tweeted a few photos and thanked everyone who had voted for me to enable me to be on this trip.  I know all of us bloggers didn’t lose sight of the fact that we’d had massive help to get to Barcelona and I for one was worried that my Tweets of photos of rooftop terraces and glasses of champagne would come across as boasting.  It was anything but.  We were all really grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Dinner was fab, of course, but because the earlier Tapas had taken the edge off our appetites, and we were glad that we were only given small plates of more tapas to round the evening off.  Until a big plate of sea bass came out!  We thought dinner had finished!  However, we managed to somehow find room for a delicately layered chocolate pudding.

I don’t think I could have cycled back to The W after all that food so we were glad that the coaches were waiting for us round the corner.

It was now 11pm but the evening had only just begun!

Next … the Eclipse Bar at The W Hotel!


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