Travelling to an Olympic stadium with Sally Gunnell (we’re BFF’s don’tcha know,) is one of those really surreal moments in life.  You know you’re there, you know you’re standing next to her, you know you’re looking down at the very race track that she won her Olympic gold medal on and yet .. it’s all really rather weird.  Good weird.  But weird.

That’s the position we found ourselves in.  The sun was blazing down, I was positively gasping for my first cerveza of the trip and I was resisting the urge to hurdle over the fence and do an honorary lap of the race track myself.  Backwards. Except, I’d have got stuck, fallen over and been exhausted by the first corner.

Having already been to Barcelona, I knew the architecture was something to look out for and the stadium, although a little dated now, didn’t disappoint.  I’ve seen the London Olympic stadium from the view from John Lewis’ Olympic Room and, well, of course, the two sites don’t compare.  But I was stood where history had been made.  I closed my eyes and imagined the noise of the crowd twenty years’ ago and you could still feel the atmosphere.  Like I said … weird.

My family had always been huge fans of the Olympics and I can still remember my Mum jumping out of her seat, shouting, “Go on my son!” when her favourite race, the 4×4 relay race came on so to then get the opportunity to look around the Olympic Museum was brilliant.  I also finally got my beer (and food that they’d kindly put on for us) – everyone’s a winner!

Our itinerary was quite tight for Monday so after a presentation at the Museum by Sally, a director from the Tourism Board for Barcelona and the man who was responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies (oh and a photo opp of me holding Sally’s gold medal!) …

… we got back on our coach and headed to our hotel.

Oh.  My.  God.

Our hotel.  Never before have I seen, let alone been lucky enough to stay at such a beautiful, breathtaking hotel as …

The W Hotel.

More to follow

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