So I made my way downstairs to the Press Conference and tried to look like I belonged with the other members of the press.  I clearly didn’t and I could see the fear in their eyes.

(“This is a local Press Conference for local journalists.  You’re not … *gasp* … a BLOGGER are you?!”)

Of course, they didn’t say this at all and these kind of events are par for the course for them.  It’s their job.  Me, on the other hand, I was trying hard to look as cool and aloof as I could, like jetting to Barcelona was just an average thing for me on a Monday.  No biggie.  (Except it was a MASSIVE deal and I was Über excited!) 

Sally Gunnell, the Sally Gunnell, was also there and after a brief photoshoot in front of the plane, we were all ushered on board and took our seats.  All three of them.  I don’t think I’ve ever had an entire row to myself – talk about the little pleasures in life!  I took full advantage by ensuring I spread all my belongings across every seat.

The cabin crew were very attentive and we were very well looked after.  Of course, free-flowing champagne always puts me in a good mood.  (Take note.)  Carolyn McCall, the CEO of Easyjet also accompanied us and the film crews and journalists all took it in turns to make their way to the front of the plane to interview her.  As for me?  I just nattered with Frankie, a fellow blogger, all the way there – talking about our blogs, how we started, what our passions were and what we were hoping to get from the trip.  I think we may have also discussed how the cheese sandwich on board was quite possibly THE coldest sandwich we’d ever eaten.   Oh, you had to be there.

The flight went quickly, and the flight was very smooth.  Upon landing in Barcelona, and because we didn’t have to wait for our luggage (don’t get me started on ‘Toiletery-Gate’ again,) we made our way to our coaches and we were on our way!

Next stop …. the Olympic Stadium.








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