Sometimes, opportunities present themselves in the most unusual ways.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine tweeted details of a competition for bloggers being run by Easyjet.  It was to mark the inaugural flight from London Southend airport to Barcelona.

To cut a long story thankfully short, I wrote a pitch to Easyjet that would be featured in the Easyjet magazine were I to win, ten finalists were chosen and then my lovely Twitter followers voted for me to make it to the top five winners.

You see, winning things like this doesn’t usually happen to me and yet sure enough, I’d won.

I’m still a little in shock.


The following Monday, I woke at 6am, tired but as excited as I was when, aged 12, I did a treasure hunt for my birthday and got a green Racer bike.  Which was about ten years ago.

I had cajoled my Dad into taking me to the airport.  I couldn’t face public transport that early in the morning but London Southend airport turned out to be a bit of a trek for us travelling from Kent – although Monday morning motorway traffic and fog didn’t help.

I’d packed enough clothes and shoes to last a fortnight (natch,) and we totally turned up at the wrong terminal to start with but, eventually, we arrived at the airport, bang on time, only to be greeted with a film crew filming us check in.  They didn’t talk to me so I just handed my passport over, trying to look as casual as I could (with a massive camera in my face.)

I soon met up with two other bloggers who turned out to be absolutely fabulous.  Always a worry when you’re going to be spending time with strangers – but Frankie (@BushBirdie) and Matt (@MattBramf) were right on my wavelength.  Not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but we got on really well.

Check-in was a little … challenging.  We’d been told we could put our luggage in the hold but due to time restrictions, we ended up having to take it on board with us and you know what that means.  Yup.  All my toileteries and most of my make-up had to stay behind.  Once I’d stopped hyperventilitating, it was time to go through security.

You know how there’s always one person out of your group that always gets searched.  It’s always ALWAYS me.  Must have a really ropey looking face.  (Oi, you at the back!  Leave it!)

After being thoroughly searched … the security guard took it upon himself to call me over for a discrete conversation.

“Did you pack this bag yourself Madam?” he asked.

“I did,” I replied in my bestest polite voice.

“I’ve noticed something … unusual on the x-ray.  It’s shaped … well …”

We both paused.

“Oh … hang on, hang on … it’s not what you think.”

We all know what he meant, right?  Don’t make me say it.

“They’re curling tongs,” I explained, a slight tinge of red flushing my cheeks.

Moving quickly to the Business Lounge, I got my fill of croissants and tea then made my way downstairs to listen to the press conference taking place.

More to follow!

EasyJet starts its flights from Southend tomorrow (2nd April) and they say there will be 70 EasyJet flights per week flying to nine destinations, rising to 10 with the addition of Geneva.

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  1. Hahahaha! Is this bit all captured on camera too 🙂

    Friend of mine on an easyjet flight to Nice few years back wondering why the plane was not taking off. One of the crew held up a bag and asked passengers to claim it. My friend held her hand up and he came over and said they were unable to take off as something was vibrating inside it. They asked her to open the bag. She rummaged inside, found the offending object and then held it up for the rest of the sniggering passengers to see – ‘IT’S MY TOOTHBRUSH EVERYBODY, IT’S MY TOOTHBRUSH!’.
    Luckily her vibrator was safely in the hold, she revealed to me after 🙂
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