Today, I am mostly practicing for my trip to Barcelona tomorrow as part of the Easyjet Blogger Massive.  I’m in a coffee shop, drinking a latte (skinny – the latte, not me,) listening to music (Usher – and what??!) and people watching (far too many portly men in vests.)

Anyway, I’m very excited about Monday.  BUT … I’ve never been abroad on my own before and, well, I’m not quite sure what you do on your own?  I mean, I’ve written my pitch for Easyjet so I HAVE to have coffee, shop for clothes, go to a museum, drink beer and eat cake – it’s the law (and who am I to argue?!) buuuuuut …. I’ll have no Other Half or children to look out for.  It’ll be just me on Tuesday.  For a whole day.  On my own.

Hmmm ….

What is it that people do when they have no children’s hands to clean, or noses to wipe?  When you don’t have to stop every five minutes to feed someone or entertain them?  When you can do … exactly … what …. YOU …. like?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  I’m sure I’ll love every single minute of it and I’m really looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and the Easyjet team.  I’ve done my research and looked at my friend’s Facebook photo album of Barcelona – it’s great research!  A different POV to that which you’d find in any travel guide.  (Thanks Wendy!)

I remembered at 2.30pm on Sunday that I should have bought travel insurance (but at least I remembered!) and I’ve bought obligatory sale items including VITAL high heels, trousers, skirts and a jacket.  Not having been on holiday for six years I figured I deserved a treat – even if it’s on a budget.

I have been to Barcelona before, a long time ago, but I think I’ll be looking at it through fresh (albeit somewhat older) eyes this time and I’m hoping the city gives me time and space to think … to chill and to remember who I really am.

I refuse to say I’m going to ‘find myself.’





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  1. I. Am. So. Excited. For. You!!! I went to Barcelona as a wee 20ish year old and was all alone. I have fond memories of roaming the city and looking at all the crazy artwork. I think you’re going to have some sort of out-of-body experience. Try not to fall off your heels.;)
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