Just when I thought this week couldn’t get more awesomer (it’s a word – I checked,) I’ve only blummin’ gone and been shortlisted for the BiBs (that’s Brilliance in Blogging to the Blogging Muggle.)

Now I’ve always thought I’m *hilaaaaaaarious* (if I’m not a fan of me, who else is gonna be! and it’s a true fact that sarcasm IS the highest form of wit,) but to be shortlisted in the ‘LAUGH’ AND the ‘OUTSTANDING’ categories has left me speechless.

*Whistles ….*

OK, not exactly speechless but I’m seriously chuffed. Now, frequent readers of the BritMums site will know that due to the whole debacle last year over the ‘BIGGEST HAIR’ and ‘BIGGEST BOOBS’ awards (who saw *that* coming … literally … but that’s another story,) those categories have been dropped this year and both the LAUGH and OUTSTANDING categories are full of really talented writers.

Which is annoying.

But hey, stranger things have happened, right?  (makes mental note to hack every other blog and input rogue scripts.)

So thanks to everyone who nominated me.  I will give you all one of my ‘special’ hugs when I see you next.  Oh come on, you know you want one.

And if you’re feeling really generous, maybe, just maybe, you could please vote for me?  All you have to do is click HERE.

Don’t let this pathetic, sad face, sway you at all.  Whatsoever.  (Look into her eyes, her eyes, not around the eyes … and you’re under.  You WILL vote for WitWitWoo … you WILL send her cake and vodka …

Oh AND … check out the video to the right of this post for evidence of my uncanny impression of The Bionic Woman.  I was bored one Sunday afternoon, what can I say.



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