Now I’ve finally recovered, I thought I’d blog about a rare night out in London I had last week.

I had gone to a Microsoft blogging event in the morning (which you can read about here) which was organised by 3 Monkeys PR. I’ve had a few dealings with 3 Monkeys before (that sounds ropey – I mean in a perfectly professional capacity!) and they are all sorts of awesome so when Sarah invited me to their office that evening for the weekly ‘TMIF’ event … I should have probably asked what it was before I said yes.  But I’d already had a couple of beers so agreed to meet her at her office at 5pm. 

For those wondering, TMIF actually stands for ‘Thank Monkey It’s Friday’ … naturally … and each ‘pod’ (mini department if you will,) has to give a small presentation to the rest of the department about what’s happened that week.  Except … it has to have a theme.


So last week’s theme was Thai Full Moon Party.  As you were.

I should point out I’m 41.

Anyway, in for a penny …

The 3M office happens to be right near Soho soooooooooooooo … I had an hour to kill ………. sooooooooooo I had a little wander (as you do,) and visited some of my old haunts.  Hang on, hang on … not ‘those’ type of haunts.  (Well, only a few.)  I’d met my Other Half in a salsa club opposite the 3M office and so Soho holds good memories for me – that’s what I meant!

Anyway, I made it to 3M by 5pm and headed straight for the vodka.  How cool is this? Free beer and nibbly bits for the staff … every Friday! It’s a great way to get everyone to come together at the end of the week to talk about the highs and lows, new accounts (although everyone was very hush hush about that bit because they knew I was there!) and generally just round off the week.

Did I mention the fluorescent make up?  Glow sticks?  No?  Right, well the whole rave theme was now in full effect.  I’d been eyeshadowed up by the lovely Laura (who totally rocks this look every day) and I ended up looking like this …

… a lovely orange/purple combo.  Subtle.

As the beers flowed, so did the conversation and it was great getting to know everyone. They’re a dedicated bunch though because most of them carried on working afterwards. Weird. Anyway, the feather boa was now out …

… as were the h’intellectual glasses

… anything for a photo op … I had my glow stick bangly things on …

… and by 7pm we figured we’d go on somewhere else.  As you do.

There was now only a hardcore group of us remaining (all of them half my age I should point out,) and we made our way downstairs in small groups.  When we got downstairs we were surprised to see people milling about in the foyer.  There was beer to be drunk!  What was going on?!

Turns out, we were locked in.

Not quite what we’d planned.

For the next hour, we made attempts at escaping, some of us finally finding their way out via the Fire Exit … wherein they promptly set the fire alarm off.

We had the choice of waiting for the Fire Brigade or trying to escape out the Fire Exit too.  Tough call, but we very kindly nominated someone to stay and pretend to be the security guard Andy, which then sparked a whole ‘Things Andy Would Say’ hashtag on Twitter which … oh, you had to be there.  Was funny at the time.

So the rest of us left the sinking ship and headed off looking for the right door that would lead us outside. The trouble was, it was like being in the Crystal Maze. There had to have been a gazillionty doors heading off in a billionty different directions. The more we explored, the louder we could hear live music and we quickly figured out that there must be a secret passageway somewhere that would lead us to the bar/nightclub at the back of the 3M office.


We found it!  Unfortunately, the bouncer of the club quickly found us, escorted us outside (we didn’t want to stay in his nasty club anyway!) and then promptly told the guy on the door not to let ‘that lot’ back in!

Haven’t been barred from a club for years!  Check my bad self out!

(Btw … my phone had (thankfully) now run out of battery – probably for the best.)

The rest of the evening passed in a mellow blur as we found a cool pub nearby to chill in and before you knew it, it was time for me to head home. Because I live in Kent, this is normally annoyingly early but I got home before I turned into a pumpkin.


PS.  Did I mention I bumped into the Legend that is Andrew Stone?  No?  Well here’s a little treat for you all 🙂

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  1. Very pleased to be featured in your hall of fame my love. Also quite happy the night was documented in such awesome detail. It’s Luke writing a diary without having to write a diary! Always a win. I have sine additional covert snaps should you require them xx

  2. What a great night! I know how you feel about being with a group half your age though, I’m a badly behaved 40something who freelances for an achingly trendy company in Old Street. So far, it’s all been mostly remote working, but am having to go and meet them for a ‘team day’ soon. They may fire me when they see my scraggy neck and saggy tits! Lol x

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