I walked down the High Street at lunchtime, came back and wrote the above Tweet.

I think the Tweet speaks for itself. I was very, very hacked off. In fact, I’m still annoyed by what I saw so I thought I’d devote a whole post to it.

Having decided to write about it, I sat and thought and realised something. Y’know … I don’t really think there’s a whole lot you can say about it, let alone do about it. Four young people, late teens, two boys, two girls, one girl pushing an old fashioned buggy with two toddlers sat in it – and literally, every other word was ‘F*ck.’ This is no exaggeration. Not only that, but they were talking so loudly, everyone could hear – there was no chance that their little kids wouldn’t. 

But what would have happened if I’d called them out on it? I envisioned having a civilised conversation with them about what damage they were doing and realised pretty quickly, that was never going to happen. And was it really my place to say anything?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not averse to the *cough* occasional curse word … BUT … I very, very rarely say them in front of Skig. The only time one may have slipped out is mid road-rage and even then, it’s generally a made up swear word – ‘knobbler’ and ‘penis’ being particular favourites. It’s my road rage Tourrettes – what can I say? I’m not perfect.

But there is a difference.

I felt every one of my forty-one years as the Jeremy Kyle Roadshow walked past me. I’m no snob – those of you who have met me will certainly know this – but what on earth is wrong with these people? Since when did it become acceptable to talk this way around young children? It’s not big or clever and the urge to take the offending yoofs by the earlobe and bang their heads together (at the very least,) was overwhelming.

What do you think? Am I over-reacting? Is this something you hear a lot of?

So … swearing loudly in front of the kids – big or clever? Neither. Morons.




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  1. Depending what enviroment the children are braught up in can have effects on their defining features such as behaviour, attitude and general appearance later in life.

    One of a childrens main role models is usually the mother or father so they need to ensure they set a very good example for their child, not being perfect of course as we are only human but their is no need to eff and jeff all the time infront of your children (unless you have tourettes, then you have an exception).

  2. What is it about cars that makes us do this?

    On a serious note though, it is shocking. When I watched that appalling bigot girl on You Tube, not only was it upsetting and awful, but what made it worse was the small child on her knee, who wasn’t distressed at all. I only have to raise my voice to MM and he notices. That little boy was clearly used to it. What kind of chance does he have?

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