I’ve written about my weight and attempt at getting fit on and off throughout my blog. Bored you all senseless with my training regime for last year’s Race for Life (including non-gratuitous shots of me in pink lycra,) and went on and on (… and on) about my new found love of cycling.

So – what next?

Well, I love a challenge so when I was approached by Sandra from Thinking Slimmer, I was prepared to have an open mind.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Thinking Slimmer, the basic premise of it is that you listen to a recording of Trevor. Oh Trevor! Trevor, Trevor, Trevor. Trevor is awesome. Awesome I tell you. But the weird thing is, I don’t quite know why. Let me explain.

The Slimpod you listen to talks to your sub-conscious (this is where Trevor comes in.) You listen to the recording at night before you go to sleep.  Is it hypnosis? No. You don’t lose control and you’re not put in a trance … but … the Slimpod uses certain key words to prime your mind so that you make better lifestyle and food choices. It’s about ‘influence.’ They call it ‘wordweaving.’

That’s it in a nutshell really. If you want to know more information, you can go here to see for yourself.

I personally know several people who have lost considerable amounts of weight using the Slimpod (we’re talking 4-5 stones!) but they also reported a new sense of confidence and relaxation and quite frankly, it’s the latter that really intrigued me.

I started listening to the Slimpod on Monday and am currently a size 18. I have been going to the gym for the last six months although, since going back to an office job, I’ve found it hard to get motivated to go because I’m so tired.

I’ve been weighed and measured at the gym but don’t intend to make this a regular occurrence. We are, instead, encouraged to measure our progress by how our clothes feel.

This isn’t a diet. Diets are rubbish (IMHO.) Nor does it calorie count or require you to use willpower. It is, however, a modern approach to gently retune the mind and adjust our thinking.


Now, I’m an open minded person but it all sounds a little too good to be true.  I promise, as usual, I’ll only ever be honest about what happens, what I think about it and whether it works for me … or not.

My reason for doing this? I’m 41 (Wassat?? I look ten years younger??!  Oh stop!!!!  No don’t.) I’ve always been overweight but my appearance has never really bothered me that much. I’ve always been confident, but, of course, I’ve certainly had my ‘issues.’ The difference now is that I’m thinking of the future. I’m cracking on a bit now and my joints are beginning to creak. Also, my mum died really young, at 60, and although I’ve never smoked, I live with the fact that I just don’t know who I’m going to take after – my mum and her dad who died young, or my Nan who died in her 80’s or my Dad who’s still going strong at 70. Who knows? But what I can do is make sure I look after myself.

3 Days In

I’ve listened to the Slimpod for the last three nights, (you have to listen to it for 21 consecutive nights – this is how long it takes for a new habit to become ingrained in the neurological pathways of the brain. I read that bit.)  So, has anything changed?

Well. Honestly? I have no idea what Trevor is telling me – I haven’t made it through the ten minute recording yet. I keep falling asleep! I haven’t stopped eating chocolate but I have stopped eating it late at night in bed – which really was a god awful habit. Weirdly enough, I keep taking the stairs at work instead of the lift and I don’t know why! It’s not a conscious decision that I’ve started a weight loss plan and so it would be better if I take the stairs. It’s just what I feel like doing.

I’ve overslept twice! Granted, I’m always tired but haven’t overslept in years. I just don’t hear my alarm I’m in that deep a sleep now. I’ve gone to the gym twice and am happy to do so, even after a long day at work and I’m even finding myself walking a little taller. Which is good, because the lady at the gym says I’m shrinking.

Not quite sure what to make of it all yet and the food side of things hasn’t really changed that much yet.

It’s early days but I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Good on you girl. Have to say the thing that worked for me after O when I put on 3 stone was eating balanced maintenance GI food so keeps your blood sugar level and exercise. You’re not dieting because you are full and happy as mind and body balanced. It’s all about what works for the individual and you do looks gorgeous (always did/do so there) x
    HonestMum recently posted..Valentines Gifts Fit For a Princess (A salad and white chocolate eating princess)…My Profile

  2. I was really freaked out by thinking slimmer, it actually made me want to exercise and run, I couldnt even run for the bus before now I am training for a 10k, I havent lost any weight but I have had to buy smaller clothes. Its a weird experience and I really didnt believe in it at all.

    Good luck and keep us posted
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