For those who have been to blogging events before, you’ll know all about the whole ‘boob checking’ thing.  Y’know … you see people you don’t know so we all check each others’ name badges out – which just happened to hang at boob level.

Hey, I’m not complaining.

However, another way round this is by introducing ourselves before the event – and this is what Carly at Stepford Wifey has done (you can find a linky here if you want to join in.)

Name: Kate aka WitWitWoo


Twitter ID: @iamwitwitwoo

Height: 5ft 9″ … although I definitely think I’m shrinking.

Hair:  Red.  Well, ginger.  All .. cough .. natural of course.  Thick and wavy, annoyingly grows outwards instead of downwards.  Currently stands at 7ft wide.

Eyes:  Bright blue.  Well, bluey grey.  Actually, more of a sludgy greyey blue.

Likes:  Vodka. Cake.  Riverdance.  Jill Scott.  Foot rubs.  The Notebook.  Too hot baths.  Trash TV.  A good book read in the sunshine.  Portobello Road market.  Cake.  Mmm … cake.  Twitter.

Dislikes:  Ignorance, arrogance.  Dog crap on pavements.  Cramp.  Eyebrow plucking.  Cold mornings.


I’m also a Guest Speaker at BritMums Live this year … so no heckling!  But please come and say hello 🙂

See you there!

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