*said in my best Geordie accent*

Daaaaaay eight in my new (albeit temporary) office job … and my routine is all over the place.  My body clock has changed once more and I’m finding it hard to sleep at night.  I’m panicking that I’m going to miss my early morning alarm, I worry about whether I’ve forgotten to do anything at work the day before and fret over making sure everything is organised at home.

To be honest, I’m worrying about everything these days.  Is that normal?  It seems the older I get, the more I worry.  About bills, the kids, the house, my job, the future … pretty much everything.  Happy days! 

One thing that helps keep my panic to a minimum is writing lists.  I think I’ve mentioned my love of lists before. Lists are brrrrrillllliant!  I even have a special ‘Things to do …’ notepad at work which gets me far more excited than it really should.

To give you some idea of how exciting my life is right now, check out the list I’ve just written for things to do at the weekend:


Grocery shopping – deep joy

Compare car insurance

Take Skig’s new coat back to the shops (I’d forgotten he already had one!)

Cut grass.  If I can get the lawn mower out of the shed.  If it’s not too wet.  If I can be bothered.

Pluck eyebrows

Iron work clothes

Pay bills


Nowhere at all on my list does it mention:

Drink cocktails

Go daaaahn the West End

Paint nails

Go water-skiing (granted, fairly unlikely)

Have massage (although to be fair, I could put this on my Other Half’s ‘special’ To-Do list …)

Watch my choice of TV that’s been Sky plussed for months.  Currently waiting to be watched – Great Expectations, The Hotel and America’s Next Top Model.  A highly intellectual selection I think you’ll agree.

Eat doughnuts on Brighton Pier

Go to the theatre

Have afternoon tea at Claridges


But you know what?  That’s OK.  (*she says begrudgingly*)  This is the life of a working mother.  Thankfully, my Other Half shares the chores so it’s not like I have to do everything on my own.

And besides, my eyebrows really do need plucking … I just can’t rock the monobrow look.


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  1. Lists are a great idea. I spent al yesterday achieving absolutely cock all, and today is heading in that direction, too. So I’m going to make a list of things to do. Thanks for the inspiration. (Oh, and that anxiety thing you’ve got going on there – we all have it. I get anxious as the supermarket checkout when I feel I’m not packing the groceries fast enough!)
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