I’ve been blogging since July 2010.   Six months after WitWitWoo was born, I dipped my toes into the proverbial social media water and joined Twitter.  I say joined … like most people, I’d actually joined two years earlier but just never used it.  (“Twitter?  Wassat?”)

I’ve learnt a lot on the way … (I refuse to use the word ‘journey.’)   I never even knew there was such a thing as a ‘blogging community’ when I started out, let alone one that I would end up being a part of. 

But I am.  I’m a part of something wonderful.  Something unique.  And I bloody love it!

And then something great got even greater.

I was asked to be a speaker at BritMums Live next June!

Yep.  Me.  Kate from Kent.

To say I’m chuffed is an understatement.  I’m fricking ecstatic!!

Quite what I’ll talk about, I have no idea yet … but hey, I’ve got seven months to sort the minor details like that out!

The main thing is this.   I’m not a professional speaker …  and quite frankly, I’m a little … petrified.  But I’m so passionate about what I do, about where this old blogging lark is going, and the people I’ve met that I know I’ll do my best.

I hope people come along to listen to whatever I have to say.  Doubt you’ll find me at the early morning yoga sessions … but you’ll definitely find me at the bar afterwards!


Tickets for BritMums Live are still at the early bird price of £49.99 for the two day conference, running 22-23 June 2012 – further information can be found HERE.

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  1. Well done lovely, you deserve it. You are wonderful and utterly worthy of speaking at BritMums Live. Lots of love x

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