That KateTakes5 is a wiley creature.  Don’t be fooled by her soft, Irish dulcet tones and her shiny hair.  In reality she wants to know your deepest, darkest secrets.  One week, she wants to know who you lusted after as a hormonal, spotty teenager – this week, she wants to know what random things you like.

Damn you KateTakes5!!  *shakes fist*  Damn you! 

As I was saying …

(Do not write, “I like chocolate.”  Do not write, “I like chocolate.” Repeat to fade ….)

1.  Andrea Bocelli

I have an eclectic taste in music and casually mentioned I liked this opera fella.  Cue two tickets to see Mr B at the Royal Albert Hall for my birthday.  Thank you lovely Other Half.

2.  Dubstep

Understand this cancels out my love of Bocelli.  S’ok.

3.  Sniffing books in libraries

That’s not weird, right?

4.  Hard, cold butter on cold, burnt toast

Completely normal.

5.  Wuxia films

Crouching Tiger, Flying Dagger, Hero … love ‘em all.


Head over to Kate’s place and see just how weird everyone else is.



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