If your child is anything like my youngest, they like to sing and dance about the house – a lot!  Skig definitely has a penchant for being … somewhat dramatic sometimes.   At seven years old, he’s of the opinion that why should he say something normally when instead it can be accompanied by big arm gestures, some breakdancing and perhaps even sung in song.  Actually, especially sung in song form.

It’s my fault.  I’ve always sung to him … and I don’t just mean lullabies as a baby.  We have actual conversations in full song.  Could be me asking what he’d like for Christmas, telling him to clean his teeth properly … sometimes even his bedtime story.  You get the picture.  Not that I’m overly dramatic.  Nope.  Not me.

So when Skig and I were asked to go to London to attend a Perform Party I thought he would love it.

To be honest, I’d never heard of Perform Party before.  I initially presumed that it was just a company you could hire to come round your house and provide entertainment for childrens’ birthday parties so that I didn’t have to do it.  Although they do do that … there’s much more to them.

The ethos behind Perform is centred around the 4 C’s:

  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Co-ordination.

Perform classes consist of dances, games and songs specifically designed to help children in these four areas of development.  The classes consist of a unique mix of drama, dance and singing that is specially formulated to bring out every child’s true potential.

We arrived late.  Totally not my fault, (nice one South Eastern trains!) and so the class was well underway by the time we got there.  Ages in Skig’s class ranged from 4-10 but they were mainly younger than Skig.  Perform Party run classes from ages 1-12 years old though.

Skig’s instructor was great.  I was exhausted just watching her.  She was warm, energetic and professional.   She managed to keep all of the children enthralled with her tales of digging for treasure and searching for the Golden Pineapple and the kids loved it.

The classes are all themed, (ours was Pirates,) but there are plenty more:

  • Fairytale Forest
  • Popstarz
  • Superhero school
  • Ghost hunters Magician’s Chamber
  • High School Musical
  • Peter Pan
  • Chocolate Adventure

Their ethos is to focus on each child’s enthusiasm and engagement in the activities rather than their precision and they make sure they are with them every step of the way to guide, inspire and encourage the children.  No child was made to feel less able than any of the others – it was all about encouragement.

Each class is an hour long, during which time the instructor managed to pack in a real mix of activities.  As each class is quite active, it will also improve children’s fitness levels, although is not specifically designed with this in mind but anything that can keep Skig active can only be a good thing.

Did Skig like it?  Honestly?  He wasn’t sure.  I think the fact that everyone had already begun the class and had had that chance to warm up and get to know each other meant that Skig was just a little reticent.   Of course, with five minutes to go until the end of class, he decided he would join in … and absolutely loved it.  Typical.  I also wondered at the time whether the instructor should have perhaps made more effort to get Skig involved but it’s a fine line … kids normally do these things in their own time but she was very focused on her ‘performance.’

By the time we’d made our way downstairs to lunch, Skig was running about with some of the other children, eating cake and catching balloons – a perfect end to an interesting day.


For more information about Perform Parties, check out their website HERE where you’ll be able to find out if there is a class near you.



I wasn’t paid to write this review – these are my honest thoughts and opinions.  I was, however, given lunch which consisted of lots of delicious cake.  Thanks to Perform Parties and Energy PR for the invite.



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  1. Hi
    Great to hear that the person running your group was so great.
    Wasn’t sure about our lady but I have written my review as hard as it was to do so.
    PS was LOVELY to see you and to see your boy playing with my boy 🙂 xx

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