The gorgeous Transatlantic Blonde has created a new meme called What I Wore Wednesday.  The clue is in the title.

As much as I like to think (and let other people think,) I’m a glamorous superhero … ahem … (my super power being … excellent vodka drinking,) actually, I like to just be comfortable most of the time.  Jeans, t-shirt dresses, even the occasional pair of tracksuit trousers.  I know, I know.  Not cool.  But hey, elasticated waists rock.

So, let’s discuss this glorious outfit above: 


Striped vest – Dorothy Perkins (sale – £4).

Black tracksuit trousers – M&S (part of an outfit that my local M&S donated to me for the Race for Life I took part in earlier this year.)

My son’s jacket tied round my waist – probably designer but who knows (I don’t own 1 designer item of clothing).

Red converse – 8 years old, scuffed, very worn, but very comfy.

Underwear – very mis-matching I suspect.


To compliment this outfit, please take time to check out my red face.  A beautiful shade of crimson.  It may have even gone beyond red to a patchy white.  I’d just cycled for over an hour (all uphill I’d like to point out,) so suffice to say, one was a little out of breath.

Like Barbie  .. this is Casual WitWitWoo.  Also in the range – Posh WitWitWoo, Sporty WitWitWoo and Hot Mama WitWitWoo (she doesn’t come out very often, but when she does, watch out!)


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