Tara Cain’s Gallery theme this week is ‘Faces.’  I have hundreds of pictures of my childrens’ beautiful faces.  Literally hundreds.  Normally when I ask Skig to pose for a nice ‘posh’ photo, he’ll pose like a Power Ranger and scrunch his face up.  But then he is seven …

Instead, I decided to post a picture of me mid epic bike ride.   If you’re of a nervous disposition, look away now.  It’s not pretty.  I’d been cycling for two hours and even though this picture was taken on the way home, which technically was meant to be downhill, I still managed to find a massive hill.  Via a dodgy alleyway. 

My cheeks are puffy and red, my eyes are watering with the wind blowing (against me, of course, not behind me to give me a well earned shove,) and my hair is scraped back.

I’m usually very hard on myself.  I never think I look nice in photos.  I have a dodgy left eye that always looks sleepy and I think my nose dominates my face.

However, I really like this picture.  I love the graffitied background, the exhalation of air from my lips and it just all represents the fact that I really pushed myself on this bike ride.  I don’t know if I look happy, or just plain exhausted, but I remember the feeling I felt as I stopped to take this photo – I was proud of myself.

I love the swooshes of my eyebrows that make me look like I’m always quizzical and I think that the fresh air has made my eyes sparkle.

I’m not bragging.  I’m really no supermodel, and I find it hard to ever say I look nice.  But today, I think I look alright.

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