“There’s no fight we cannot win

Just you and I

Defying gravity

With you and I

Defying gravity

They’ll never bring us down!”

Sorry bout that quick outburst but if you’ve ever watched the musical Wicked, you’ll understand my need to spontaneously sing lyrics like I’m a middle aged extra from Glee.

I was lucky enough to be invited to see Wicked by Think Jam (God love Olivia!)  It was all with a view to attending Wicked Day at the end of the month – an annual celebration of all things Wicked, and I think they thought it would probably help if I’d seen the show. (*Taps head*  Up here for thinking …)

(“POPULAR! I know about popular.  And with an assist from me, to be who you’ll be, instead of dreary who you were…uh, are, there’s nothing that can stop you, from becoming popular… lar… La la ….. la la ….. we’re gonna make you pop-u-lar!”)


Sorry.  I’m hoping there’s going to be a therapist on call at Wicked Day.

I don’t get out much … (as I’m sure you can tell,) and so it was a real treat to go to the theatre with a very select group of my friends.  Talk about an eclectic mix of women … my very own Sex & The City!  Sort of …

There’s Abi.  She’s next to me on the right with short, brown hair.  She was my main Uni ho.  (Said in an ever-so affectionate way.)  She has a brain the size of Africa – ironic really because she’s now a charity worker for an amazing charity called PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools,) who are all about ensuring African children have access to quality secondary education.  She’s young, slim, beautiful and funny … I’m amazed I still agree to be seen out with her in public.

Then there’s Dawn.  She’s hiding at the back with the blonde bob.  She’s the mum of one of Skig’s friends, has the willpower of someone … erm, who has brilliant willpower (but likes the occasional box of Rowntrees Randoms or five,) and is studying to be a Social Worker at Uni.  Beauty and brains.

Finally, there’s Jo.  I’d share my nickname for her with you but it’s puerile, quite disgusting and really shows me up in a bad light.  So we’ll just call her Jo.  Jo and I have been friends forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but a really long time.  Our mums were best friends from the age of 15.  They were born on exactly the same day, went to college together and spent the next 45 years as best friends before Mum passed away.  Jo and I have been in and out of each others’ lives, in some form or other, for years.  We’ve worked together, partied (hard) together, sung Beyonce songs together …. and a whole lot more that I couldn’t possibly talk about.  Unless I’m drunk.  She works as a Teaching Assistant at our sons’ school, has the patience of a saint and is the only person who has the same pathetic, childish sense of humour as me.  Tis why I love her so.


Back to the show.  It was amazing.  I won’t bore you with adjective after adjective … but it’s the best show I’ve seen in years.  It’s the only show I’ve seen in years but still … go see it.  You won’t be disappointed.  Promise.

The funniest thing about the whole evening, (apart from my jokes,) was that lots of people dress up as characters from the show.  Actually painting their faces green and wrapping their legs in Bacofoil … classic.

Thanks again to Think Jam for arranging this for me.  We had a blast.


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  1. SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! I have been wanting to see this since it began, Defying Gravity is one of my favourite songs ever but unfortunately my London Theatre days have been numbered since the children came into my life. I’m hoping it will still be around in about 5 years when the purse strings have slackened. Has it still got the lovely lady in it from Dorothy? I liked her!
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