Today was a very proud day in the WitWitWoo household.   My Other Half and I attended a very special school assembly at our youngest son’s school today as he was awarded the Star Pupil award last week.

What a lovely start to the week!

*Blows nose.  Sniffs a bit.* 

Skig is in his first year of Junior school and is thriving.  It’s in his nature to be competitive, (cough .. don’t know where he gets that from .. cough,) and so he is responding really well to his new teacher’s method of teaching.  She’s a strong believer in positive reinforcement … in certificates, charts and stickers.   In rewarding children for trying their best.  This suits Skig down to the ground but I know not every child is a fan.  That’s the tough bit about being a teacher I guess – finding methods that suit all children because they’re all individuals.

Since the beginning of term, he’s brought home a certificate for his good work in numeracy and literacy, and with his Star Pupil award he’s allowed to take a friend to lunch each day … check this … at whatever time he likes!  This, it seems, is the ultimate currency.  Suffice to say, there’s a lot of sucking up going on this week.  But he’s already given us his timetable of who he’s taking to lunch on what day.  One lucky boy is booked in for Monday AND Friday!

I know it’s early days but the signs are good.  I don’t take anything for granted, but he’s loving learning right now and is excited to get to school and as a parent, you can’t ask for more than that.


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  1. Well done Skig …and mum for keeping it together! My two have just started preschool and as mad as it may sound I am so proud of their drawings well er scribbles, for me I have two budding Picasso’s

  2. What a lovely post, I thought Skig was a lovely lad and I’m sure this Star Pupil reward is very well deserved. Our Curly also responds really well to praise and rewards, tonight he came home beaming because he earned two house points today 🙂

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