I recently received a gorgeous dress from those lovely folks at OneStopPlus.co.uk …. the website for those of us blessed with extra junk in our trunk.

When this dress arrived, I noticed a couple of things.  Firstly, it’s billed as red.  It’s not red, it’s orange.  Unless I’ve gone colour blind overnight.  Quite likely at my age.  But thankfully, it’s a gorgeous burnt orange colour.  The dress also comes in black but it’s nice to wear bright colours sometimes.  (Caution:  may need to wear sunglasses.)  Handily, there’s a video on the website of most of the clothes being modelled and so you can see what it really looks like ‘in action.’


The other thing I notices is that it’s verrrrry low cut.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to getting ‘the girls’ out on occasion, but the laws of decency dictated that, for me anyway, I should wear a camisole underneath.  There’s only so much flesh this woman is prepared to show!  I chose to wear a clashing colour but thought that the royal blue colour actually looked good with the orange.

It’s a faux wrap dress.  I sound very pretentious, don’t I!?  (… don’t agree.)  What I mean is, it looks like a wrap dress but you don’t wrap it yourself.  It comes with really long ties, (y’know, the bits of material you tie to make a bow – God, I’d never make a fashion designer.)  Anyway, the good thing is that because they’re really long you don’t have to tie them at the back.

I have a real thing about bows on the back of plus sized clothes.  Like because we’re fuller figured women we think big bows on top of our arses are going to make us look slimmer.  They’re not.  Au contraire.  But with this dress, you can wrap the ties around the back and then back round the front, so not only do you not look like you’re wearing a bustle, (I have enough extra padding back there as it is,)  but it gives you a good empire line shape under the bust.

All in all, I was very happy with this dress.  It looked even better when I put my heels on and the backdrop of a train station isn’t the most glamorous of locations, but I hope you agree that I scrubbed up alright!







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  1. Cor!
    But you seem to still have flip flops on. Don’t tell me it’s still summer down there? Or are you one of those autumn mentalists with blue toes?

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