This week’s Gallery theme over at Tara’s crib is … Home.

Home is my sanctuary.  It’s where I feel comfortable.  It’s where I am able to relax the most.  The garden especially  …. and that’s where my teenage son is going to be having his first party this weekend.

Excuse me a minute …


Ahem, that’s better.  Worried?  Me?  Never.

We’re lucky enough to have a summer house at the bottom of the garden.  It’s where we keep the drum kits, the spare fridge, assorted toolage and broken computer screens.  The floor is strewn with screws that I invariably stand on.  The blinds are broken.  The veranda is full of cobwebs and leaves and quite possibly, the occasional woodland creature.  The paint is peeling.

We agreed that he could use that for his party – kind aren’t we?!  To be honest, I doubted he’d make the effort to clear the damn thing out, but unfortunately he’s proved me wrong.

We’re lucky in that he’s a sensible boy (most of the time,) but as my Mum always said to me, “It’s not you we’re worried about, it’s your friends.”



You see, I haven’t met them yet as he’s just started a new school and I really am having to go on his word.  I have no idea what they’re like, although from what I can gather they all sound nice enough … (plus the fact that he’s now attending my old school so they can’t be that bad – I mean, I turned out alright!  Ahem ….)

NB:  I’ve realised that the one way to make a teenager clear their room/house, dangle the threat of a cancelled party over their head – works a treat.

Now I don’t know if it’s for the best or not but … I won’t actually be there when he has his party.  I’m attending a certain MAD Blog Awards in London … but my Other Half will be there and praise the Lord he will be because I don’t think my poor 40 year old heart could bear the strain of worrying if he wasn’t.



Our son has never given us cause to worry that anything bad will happen.  Buuuuuuuuuuuut … you just never know with these things do you.  I think it’s important to let children earn your trust so everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I love my home so he’s been given THE RULES.   I won’t envy him if he breaks them.

Just sayin’.

Please send positive thoughts …. or vodka.  Both will help enormously.











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  1. Fab pictures. Amazing sunset. And is that the famous Heimlich shed I see there at the bottom of the garden???

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