Chewing gum’s brilliant right?!  I have packets of Wrigleys Extra everywhere … literally.  A pack in the car.  One in the lounge.  One on my bedside table, (morning breath’s a bizzatch.)  Several in every handbag.  Half packs that have gone slightly stale.  Packs of the new chewy Extra Mints.  I just loves them I do.  NB:   I should point out, I don’t have bad breath (that I know of!) I just like being minty fresh all the time.  Granted, slightly OCD but hey … I’m nothing if not perfect.

I was invited to attend a dinner with Wrigleys organised by Publicasity last week and jumped at the chance.  The thought of getting a goodie bag full to the brim of chewing gum was just too tempting.  It was held at John Torode’s restaurant, Smiths of Smithfield – another major reason to go as those who know me understand my obsession with all things Masterchef.

I heart John Torode.  Fact.  (In a purely professional, platonic, non-sexytime kinda way.)

My loathing of tardiness ensured I was the first blogger to arrive and I was introduced to my hosts for the evening.  Within three minutes I was handed a vodka and told I was a ‘light chewer’ … chewing gum parlance for a casual user if you will 🙂  What the Wrigleys Marketing Manager didn’t know about mastication is not worth knowing.

We ate a delicious dinner whilst only occasionally talking about saliva and its many benefits and even hashtagged our dinner on Twitter with #wrigleysextraice … which, for some reason, we found hilarious.  A few of my dirty minded followers mis-read our hashtag but we were talking about Wrigleys Extra Ice people!!!

We started dinner with some sharing platters.  Normally, I don’t share my food … EVER … but there was so much there, I was happy to let go of the dishes … eventually.

As the evening wounded down, and we’d finished playing ‘Chewing Gum Myths’ … (you had to be there,) I created THE BEST GAME EVER!  May I introduce to you ….

Chewing Gum Jenga!  It has now been Trademarked by me but is obviously available to the highest bidder – girl’s got bills to pay.

All in all, a fabulous evening was had by all.  Who knew chewing gum was so much fun!


I wasn’t paid to write this post – all views, as always, are my own.

Thanks to Wrigleys and Publicasity for such a great evening.

Wrigleys Jenga


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  1. You are having a great time at the moment, aren’t you? Where are you getting all your childcare from? I want to be free like you

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