“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.

I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before.

I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too.”

They promised.  They promised they’d be there for me – even when it rains ‘n that.  So when I put E4 on at my usual 4.55pm on Monday, where were they?  Hmmm?  WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WERE THEY? 

They left me.  Bastards.  That’s what.  They just upped and left.  Without so much as a goodbye.  No note.  No chocolates to say thanks for being with us for so long.  Nothing.

They called themselves Friends.  The show that’s been running for approximately 46 years.  The show that kept me company in the kitchen whilst I prepared tea every day.  The show that, no matter how many times I watched it, I never got bored with it.

I knew all the words off by heart to pretty much every episode.  I knew when Phoebe was going to try and stifle an inappropriate laugh.  I knew when Chandler was going to do his ridiculous dance that was meant to be funny, (but wasn’t.)  Just by looking at their clothes, I knew if Rachel and Ross were pre/post ‘break.’  (They were so not on a break!)

I knew it was ending.  We’d been warned a year ago that the time would come when it would stop being shown on E4.  And yet … I didn’t believe it would happen. I mean, we’re talking Friends here!  It’s always on TV at some point during the day.  Always.  What was I meant to do now?  Watch Eggheads?  Jeez.

Yes, I could buy the box set and put two episodes on at the same time … but it’s not the same!  *blows nose*

I’ve heard a rumour, a cruel rumour, that it could be back on our screens as early as next month on Comedy Central, but until I see it with my own eyes, I will console myself with the thought that even though the young pretenders will come and go, (you know who you are ‘How I Met Your Mother,’) I will only ever have eyes for Friends.

RIP Friends …. cooking the tea will never be the same.


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6 replies on “The One Where … My Friends Buggered Off”

  1. It *is* coming back on Comedy Central – the ads have been on already (yesterday).

    It’s only been 3 days and I’m missing it already. Almost everything that happens in my life can be referred to an episode of Friends. I love that show!!

    1. PHEW!!!! I’ve got the DTs already! Seriously, I keep turning E4 on at 5pm and am bereft. The only other show I know all the words to is Sex & The City … so I’m consoling myself with that every night now! 🙂

  2. I hear ya! I adore Friends and can watch every episode over and over..it never gets boring. I do have the box set and we watched it all (took a while..3-4 episodes/night). It was glorious.

    I miss them even though I don’t have telly.. weird. They’re like…friends.

    Oh and I have a little crush on Chandler..and his dance IS funny. ;p


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