I like to think of myself as an organised person.  I’m not.  I just like to think of myself as one.  Take this morning.  It was Skig’s first day at Junior school today so I made sure I got up early.  I say early … any time before 8am I consider early.

The day before, I’d fastidiously ironed on a gazillion name tags onto his new uniform so that we were all prepared for this morning.   So that nothing … nothing … could …. go …. wrong.   Somehow, we’d manage to accumulate nine pairs of trousers – quite how, I don’t know.  They were all the same size – aged 9.  Bearing in mind he’s 7 years old, I thought we were safe enough.   I mean, how much can one kid grow in a summer holiday??

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6 replies on “Back To School & Epic Failing All Over The Place”

  1. LMAO, it must have been the day for it! My year 3 put his new (labelled) shoes on this morning and announced they hurt. Luckily I had bought a bigger pair in the sales and put them away!

    Not just you love!

    Mich x

  2. Maybe I’m a tad over organised but I write times on the calendar as soon as school send them home. Saves so much hassle as I look at the calendar several times a day. I also have written on the dates football and ballet start again. Even my memory is not that good and I’m apt to get times muddled and so forth.

    Hope Dexter enjoyed his first day back.

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