I don’t have any pets.  Too high maintenance for my liking.  Too much responsibility.  Too much shit to deal with.  Literally.  Suffice to say, I’m not a fan.  Don’t get me wrong … love animals from afar, just not within a 2 mile radius.  I’m not a dog hater.   I grew up with greyhounds (I wasn’t actually raised by greyhounds, although that would explain a lot,) I just find the older I get, the less patient I get.  With animals.  Kids.  Life in general.

You can read the full article as it appears in the Huffington Post … HERE.

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8 replies on “I Miss You Emo Dog”

  1. I am just sitting here imagining a dog sitting in a darkened room listening to Morrisey and moaning that nobody understands. I could lend you my dog. She isn’t emo dog, but she’s calm and listens way better than either one of my kids do.

  2. Okay, you know I’m a dog lover. But I have it on good authority that not only is Prozac cheap, it’s safe for dogs. So I say, give the little yapper some emotional relief.

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