It’s taken me a week to find the time to dedicate to this post. And then I got it completely wrong.  Thanks to Garry from The Blog Up North (he’s SO getting tagged in every meme I do from now on,) I was asked to name five songs to live my life by.  Except I misunderstood (this is a common occurrence,) and I picked five songs that I think describe me.


(Note to self:  read the bloody meme before you do it!)

Quite frankly, I can’t be arsed to do the damn thing over again, so sod it.  This is a WitWitWoo version of the meme.  So there.

I’ve talked here about what a great singer I am.  I love music.  I review music for websites, we listen to music all the time at home/car/bath … and it’s a big part of my life.  Therefore, this was a really difficult task.  Eleventy billion songs to choose from and choosing just five was a struggle.

Time is always at a premium and so I could have maybe given the songs more thought, but these were my kneejerk songs – the songs I immediately thought of when I thought about who I was.  No doubt, once I hit ‘publish,’ I’ll kick myself when I realise I’ve missed out on some really obvious ones.  Christina Aguillera’s ‘Beautiful’ now springs to mind … I kid!

Oh well … first up:

Violently happy – Bjork

I’m still on a Cybermummy high.  But more than that, I’m at a place in my life where things are finally coming together for me.  Believe me, it’s been a long, long road.  For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know life’s been somewhat shitty and things aren’t perfect now, but I’m cool with that.  I love my family, my friends (old and new!) and I love my blog.  That’s it in a nutshell.

Gettin’ in the Way – Jill Scott

Jill Scott has to be in my top 5 favourite artists of all time.  That girl can SING!  She got it ALL going on. (Zig-zag finger click.)  ‘Gettin’ in the Way’ is one of my favourite songs of hers and the video is just as good.  Although the song’s about a woman trying to come between Jill and her man, for me the song’s become an anthem  for anyone who tries to get in the way of what I want.  I don’t mean that in an aggressive way like you are going to get decked if you say the wrong thing, (although ….)  I just mean, I’m a determined woman.  Life is full of challenges and obstacles and I’m prepared to face them all head on.  (But seriously, you come between me and a slice of cheesecake – it’s ON.)

Bossy – Kelis

My eldest son is 16.  He had a discussion with his cousin yesterday as we were out shopping.  I overhead this gem:

Son:            Does your Mum annoy you as much as mine annoys me?

Niece:        Erm …

Son:              I mean, I love her and all, but she just gets more annoying the older she gets.

Niece:             Erm …

Son:            Don’t get me wrong, I mean sometimes she can be alright, but urgh, she’s just so bossy.

He wants to try living with a teenager some time.

Sophisticated and Coarse – Ty Ft. Eska

You probably won’t have heard of this song.   I only came across it courtesy of my Other Half (who knows some really cool shit,) and it’s from the Giles Peterson’s Worldwide collection.

The title says it all.  I’m a contradiction.

Sophisticated *cough* on occasion – I would so rock a ballgown given the opportunity.

Coarse – I swear like a sailor/lorry driver/stressed mum of 2, and often have the puerile sense of humour of a 13 year old teenage boy.

Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos

Another artist in my Top 5 Favourites.  I came across Tori Amos when her album ‘Under The Pink’ was released in 1994 (I must have only been about *cough* 5.)  I don’t know what Cornflake Girl is about.  Tori Amos is as mad as a box of frogs.  I put her in the Bjork league.  That just makes her all the more appealing.  That, and her orange hair (that she so obviously copied from me.)  But by the end of the first verse, I was hooked:

“Never was a cornflake girl

Thought that was a good solution

Hanging with the raisin girls

She’s gone to the other side

Givin us a yo heave ho

Things are getting kind of gross

And I go at sleepy time

This is not really happening

You bet your life it is …”

I’m still no clearer as to what it means (even though I got a First in Modernism …) but I like to think that Cybermummy was all about hanging with the ‘Raisin Girls!’  It just sounds cool.

So that’s it.  I got it wrong, but I kinda like this version.  I’m going to come back and add some people to tag – just need to decide whose version I’m going to use first!



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