A couple of weeks ago, I alluded to the fact that I’d been to the zoo. This wasn’t a metaphor for a new gynaecological problem. I had actually gone to the zoo. Without the kids.  What’s up with that, I hear you ask.

Well, I was invited to check out Zoo Lates – an ingenious, INGENIOUS I SAY, idea wherein the London Zoo is kept open for an adults only evening. No, not like that you dirty lot – merely an evening of merriment and mirth without the kids. But with Mojitos. And a carousel. And a silent disco. But more of that later.


I was a guest of the lovely Laura and Living Social, you know, the people who specialise in offering local daily deals.  Anyway, I used the invite as a cheeky chance (as Other Half works away,) to have a rare Date Night.   I should clarify, I actually mean with my OH!  We agreed to meet outside the zoo at 6pm sharp (lucky for him he wasn’t late,) and it was all rather romantic!

As we walked in, our senses were immediately assaulted by an array of different smells emanating from food stalls offering everything from churros with chocolate sauce (nom,) to pulled pork (fnar fnar) rolls to Korean Sliders (but more of them later!)

The queue for cocktails was understandably long and they were a little pricey – but I guess only comparable to nearby London prices.

After our thirst was quenched (a pint of Magners and a Cosmo will do that,) we decided to go for a wander. It was a rare, beautifully warm summer’s evening and the sun was shining on us. Now I have to say, I was more drawn to Zoo Lates by the idea of the food and drink than seeing animals, but the good thing is, whatever floats your boat … there’s something for everyone.

Talking of which, a quick word about the Silent Disco. When I read about it, my mind boggled somewhat and I couldn’t work out if you could dance but were banned from singing along, or you could dance as long as your feet didn’t make a sound. Or you could dance but not click your fingers. Not that I click my fingers when I dance, but you get my point. Didn’t have a clue. So, if like me, you’re wondering WTF, I’ll put you out of your misery. You wear headphones. The headphones are hooked up to the DJ and you all dance together on the grass – you can hear the music, but the onlookers can’t. Genius. Was I tempted to join in? Hell yeah! But I saved myself for this instead the following week. Don’t wanna burnout now, do I?

We saw some pelicans and a tiger. Oh and some parrotty bird type thing. Yeah, I was one of those there for the alcohol, not the animals. But I did manage to take a few pics:

As for the type of people who went, an eclectic bunch (and I don’t just mean me and OH.)   A lot of 20-somethings, couples, people our age (the ‘young at hearts!’) and people dressed up as animals. “What’s that?” Yeah. People had actually decided to dress up as animals for the evening (as you do,) and if that was maybe a stretch too far for you – you could always get your face painted there!

We weren’t allowed to see the penguins (apparently, they don’t approve of people with beer breath around them,) so we made our way back to the cocktail bar.

Any excuse.

We were hungry by now and decided to queue to try out the Korean Sliders. It just smelt SO damned good. So we queued, and queued … then queued a bit more. By the time we got to the front, I could have eaten my own arm. So to then be told they’d run out of food was … a tad annoying. I doubt I hid my frustration well but hey, you runna outta ma fooda, that’sa whatta you’re’a gonna getta!

The only sour note to a fabulous evening.



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