Yesterday was a good day in the WitWitWoo household.  I had some brilliant news (I can’t announce just yet – and no, I’m not pregnant … are you kidding?!) but, more importantly, our teen had some news that he’d been desperately waiting for.  The onset of his AS level results temporarily forgotten, he’d been waiting to find out if his first ever job interview had gone well and he’d been successful in securing his first ever job. 

Just to set the scene quickly, he’s finished his AS level exams and isn’t due to start his new Sixth Form until September.  As of today, that’s just over three months of him staying at home.  Approximately ninety eight days.  2,352 hours.  Etc.  God love him, but suffice to say … I want my house back!

I took him to his interview (in a well known fast food restaurant,) and was duly told to sit as far away from him as humanly possible.  Fair enough.  I’m merely the chauffeur after all.  I tried my hardest not to look over as the Manager sat opposite him and proceeded to take him through his first ever interview.  He’d politely declined my very kind offer to role play through the interview before hand, (as well as being a brilliant singer, I’m an amazing actor 🙂  so he was on his own.

My only advice to him (that he was prepared to listen to,) was smile a lot.  Smile like your life depends on it son!  And, for once, he did!  He looked confident, interested in her questions and gave a good, strong handshake – all vital ingredients to a good interview!

We’d seen other young lads (hark at Grandma over here,) being interviewed before and after he had his and they all looked older.  My son is 16½ and finds himself in that age old dilemma – he has no experience but how is he expected to get any if no-one gives him a chance?

The company promised they’d email him with their decision the following afternoon.  As the hours ticked by, his initial euphoria and confidence waned slightly.  He’d felt he’d done really well but the other lads were bound to have had previous experience – they were ancient, at least 18!

So the email didn’t arrive when it was meant to and so began the self doubt.  I could totally relate, having struggled for months to find a job myself and I tried to explain to him that sometimes, even if you do your best, there’s no rhyme or reason why you don’t get a job you’d be more than qualified to do.  That even if you’re the best fit, people sometimes just make shitty decisions.  Hard to explain this to a teenager, but props to him, he just said, “If I don’t get it Mum, I’ll just keep trying.”

That’s my boy.

The day after he was meant to find out, I suggested it might be a good idea if he called the lady who interviewed him to find out why he didn’t get the job.  I’m not sure this was the right advice and interviewers rarely give this information out in my experience, merely copping out by saying, “The other candidates had more relevant experience.”  He didn’t want to call her anyway … fair enough.  However, as I began my nagging advising, he received an email from them.


We looked at each other, until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Read it then!”

“Alright, alright.  Jeez Mum.”


“So?  What does it say?!”

It felt like it took him half an hour to read this damned email.  As I looked at his face, I was sat there with my fingers, arms and legs crossed, praying to the God of Jobs to please just give him this chance, a massive smile spread across his face and he said, “Congratulations.  What?  Congratulations?  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!”  OH MY (bleep bleep) I GOT THE JOB!”

Cue much dancing around the lounge (by me,) and high fives all round.

It took a while for it to sink in I think and as he sat there re-reading the email, he just kept shaking his head, making sure that he’d read the email right.

Now this job is what it is.  It’s a little over minimum wage and it’ll be hot, sweaty and greasy.  But he doesn’t care.  Hell, my first job was in a dry cleaners so I know all about shitty jobs.  But it was a job.  Someone had given him a chance.

So, yes, I get my house back (of sorts) and life will now be taking on a new direction for my son, but it’s merely a reminder that our son is, after all, the greatest of all time.

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  1. Brilliant news. He’s now on the road to becoming your pension. Made up for him (and you)

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