For those of you who have been following my Race for Life training progress (and perhaps getting very jealous at my *cough* brilliant running technique,) you may have noticed I’ve been unusually quiet. All a bit ominous, right?!

My name is Kate and I haven’t run (again) for ten days. 

Ye Olde Neck Issue (see here,) has reared its ugly head again and it’s still a bit niggly (medical term.) However, I realised that I what really need to do is switch things up and look at the root cause. Why am I getting injured so often?

Two things struck me. Not really rocket science, but a) I’m carrying too much weight and b) I’m not very strong. I might look like a Russian shot-putter, but I’m not as strong as one.

So last week, I came up with a cunning plan! Lose weight and get strong! Genius, I know!

I bit the bullet and signed up with yet another gym (who, so far, have actually been pretty wonderful,) and joined … and I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I joined Weight Watchers.

I’ve never had a great relationship with diets (no shit Sherlock, right?) and especially with diet clubs. They usually bring me out in a nasty rash. The whole ethos of sitting around chatting about how fat we all are, is, quite frankly, a tad unappealing.  Finding yourself thinking about food ALL day. Becoming one of those boring, obsessive women who talks about dieting all the time. Urgh.

Except … I’m turning into one!

But then it’s only Week One – I’m sure my enthusiasm will wain, but I’m hoping that I’m going to stick to my plan.

I’m tired of being overweight. I’m scared of getting more injured the older I get. I’m bored of being unfit.  I still hate not being able to find cool clothes that fit.  I want to run Race for Life without stopping. I don’t want to let the kind people who sponsored me down and most of all, I don’t want to let myself or the charity down.

I’m a perfectionist. I put far too much pressure on myself and I know that no one will really care if I stop to walk or not.

But I will.

So … at 6am this morning, yes … 6AM, I went to the gym and did a Spinning class (see photographic evidence, above – totally not Photoshopped …)   It was ridiculously hard, I could barely breathe by the end and we’d managed to steam the windows up (attractive,) but the thing I’m most proud of?  No one made me go. My motivation to do well, get fit and strong and, hopefully in the process, lose weight, is at an all time high.

Go me!

How long will it last? I can’t honestly say. Juggling the gym with writing and the family is tricky … but not impossible. I just have to get organised.

So watch this space WitWitWoo-ites! Race for Life is this Sunday and I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve been warned it’s very hilly, (I should have perhaps found that out before signing up,) and God only knows what weather we’re going to have, but I’m doing it.

Whether my body likes it or not!

It’s still not too late to sponsor me – so, if the urge takes you, please sponsor me here … I’ve only got five days to go!

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