Finally.  What die-hard Beyoncé fans have been waiting for.  The release of her video to accompany her latest track, ‘(Girls) Run The World.’

It’s true to say that the world didn’t fall in love with this track immediately but everyone was curious about the video.  Would there be another signature one-handed dance move á la ‘Single Ladies?  Would Beyoncé be writhing on the floor wearing nothing but a gold bikini and knee high boots? (… fingers crossed.)  Would there be any videophones to film it all?

Suffice to say, you won’t be disappointed …. Beyoncé and her army of scantily-clad female warriors are about to bust some serious south African dance moves.

Directed by Francis Lawrence, the video has all the trademarks of a classic Beyoncé video.  Raw and sexy choreography, numerous costume changes and girl power to the max.  This time, however, to ram the ‘Girls Run The World’ point home, she faces off against an all-male riot police force and has two giant hyenas as pets.  As you do.

Some have questioned the slight change of direction that this song takes, particularly at the beginning, but for any popstar to remain at the top of their game, even someone as big as Beyoncé, music has to be kept fresh.  And this is what she’s done with, ‘(Girls) Run The World.’

As Gaga-mania sweeps across the world, it’s unfair to compare Beyoncé to Lady Gaga … they’re two very different creatures.  However, what they do have in common is a clear desire to prove that world domination is at the top of both of their agendas.

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Published by Kate Sutton

Writer, Mother, Dater.