I remember commenting to a friend a few months ago that I was really excited about a new Tesco superstore opening in our local area.  I asked her if she thought I was a complete saddo for being excited.  She admitted she was equally as sad, (this is why we’re best friends see!) and we daydreamed about all the different new departments the store would have.  In our mind, it was going to have a huge restaurant, an opticians, clothes, TV’s, exotic food and much, much more.  We even figured it was bound to have three piece suites, a mobile phone shop and sell new cars. 

OK, so we were wrong on a few things.

But … the store is a massive improvement on the old one.  I was disappointed, however, to see it didn’t sell some of the products I had hoped it would.  But then I was introduced to Tesco Direct.  Uh-oh.  I can now buy a whole heap of stuff without having to move from the sofa?  Dangerous territory.

So anyway, I had a look through the site, bypassed the laptops and diamonds,(but they do those too … I know!) and found what I was looking for.


Granted, not quite as exciting as a diamond ring, but when you have a six year old son who has managed to wreck his existing bed, having a one-stop online shop where you can buy mattresses or bed frames, it’s useful.  (I say ‘wrecked,’ it could well be something to do with me not screwing bits together properly … but we’ll move on.)

So, if you’re bed-less (or diamond-less,) have a look … but don’t blame me if you come away with more than furniture!


(This is a sponsored post. I have been paid a fee to write a post about Tesco Direct and include the links to the Tesco Direct website. I have not been told what to write … all words (and opinions) are my own.)



* Image taken from Tesco Direct website with permission.

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