I may have mentioned from time to time that I happen to frequent a certain café most days, (ie. every day.)  It’s my office … (that just happens to make awesome coffee,) and it’s where I come to do most of my writing.  I spent most of my degree here – writing essays on Shakespeare and Dickens, interspersed with chatting to little old ladies about what a dongle is.  Weirdly wonderful.

I’ve got to know some of the staff here.  They’re used to me making two coffees and a scone last four hours.  They take the time to ask what I’m up to, (whilst doing their job of course!) and so it came about that I mentioned to the Manager that I was taking part in the Race For Life on June 12th.


We got chatting, all casual like, about how I just had nothing to wear whilst training 😉  And before you could say, “strap the girls down and hold on for dear life,” I got handed these:


Now, I’ve never really mentioned where MY café is before.  God forbid I’d have to share it with other people 🙂   However, the lovely people at Marks & Spencer, Hempstead Valley, Kent, have blummin’ well made it impossible to keep quiet now that they’ve been so generous.

So … a massive thank you to Graham Hollyer for giving me a much needed kick up the proverbial and believing that I can do this.



NB.  I wasn’t paid to write this post!

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  1. You go girl. You look fab. And well done M&S for coming up with the goods 😉

    1. Aww thanks! It’s difficult for me to ‘put myself out there’ in all my ‘glory’ like that … but if I can inspire one person to try running out, it’s worth it 🙂 And YAY M&S – they came up trumps!

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